Adventure calls and sorry.


Firstly, apologies.

I know loads of you come back here day after day and week after week, and there hasn’t been an update for nearly a month.

What can I say, I’m working every weekend at the moment, late evenings most nights, and in between visiting Switzerland and going away on walking weekends.

I’ve also caught up with several old friends, and met my brother for dinner in Manchester. Put simply, I’m shattered.

Which is good because tomorrow, I head to Israel on holiday, a destination I’ve wanted to visit for more than 20 years.

There’s been (as Steve would put it) some unpleasantness in the region recently. My 2 friends Dan and Glenn, have ended up staying at home (although I think this is more to do with work commitments).

So, once again, I’m of on my own, with my trusty rucksack in search of adventure.

Please keep in touch (unless you work for Phonak, in which case don’t even THINK about calling my mobile), and keep coming back to this website which I’ll be updating while I’m away.

Near and far, the search for adventure continues.



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