Goodbye to Jo.

Jo and the IT team in the staff canteen

Well, a sad day today.

Jo Howard, the ace project manager on our new building celebrated her last day (its been complete now for 8 weeks and her work here is complete).

Its a bitter sweet moment for me. I’ve learned loads of useful things from Jo, and I love working with her (along with Dan, Adam, Steve and toilet Jim).

But people like that, don’t stand still for long, and Jo is off for the next challenge.

Whilst we could have gone somewhere more elaborate for a goodbye lunch, it seemed more fitting to relax in the superb staff canteen (one of Jo’s many success story’s).

We reminisced about various fun (and sometimes alarming) experiences over the past year of the move.

I can honestly say, in employment terms, I’ve gained more skills and experienced more things in the last 12 months than I have in the previous 10 years.

I’m reminded of a quote by William Blake: Look around. Almost everything you can see physically around you existed in someone’s imagination before it become real.

When I walk through the new building each day doing my work. I realise the bridge between that imagination and the tangible building as it exists now was almost solely down to Jo’s organisation and hard work.

Okay, she didn’t actually put up any walls, and in my case, I built the network and the phones and stuff like that. But without a flag for us all to to march behind, none of it would have happened on time if indeed at all.

Its been an honour and pleasure to work with you Jo and I hope you’ll keep in touch with us back here in Warrington.

One thought on “Goodbye to Jo.

  1. OMG John, there really are some touching words, thankyou so much !
    The adventure was a hard slog, bumpy, sometimes utterly ridiculous but at the same time so memorable and rewarding, proud to be involved.
    You will go far, keep in touch x

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