Happy Birthday to me

Updated 8th of May.

Fantastic night at Upstairs at the Grill (Porterhouse steak), then met up with a few IVC friend & Glenn (photos from China were superb).

Best foot forward for Saturday…

Updated 7th of May.

Its my actual birthday today.

I normally have the day off, but this year I’ve used quite a lot of holidays going to Cuba so I’m in the office.

I’ve got a packed day, then a superb evening planned with Steak and Red Wine.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who’ve sent me emails, texts and ecards, and a special mention to Danny Quinn, who’s sent me a really good meme, featured bellow 🙂


Hope you can all join me on Saturday (see bellow).


Well, that time of year is coming up again.

Its my birthday on the 10th of May this year.

Loads of people from all over the UK as usual, and a few good friends from work, walking group, globetrotters, Newton Heath etc.

No complicated plans this year, well meet at the Mill hotel from 12 lunchtime, then see where we go from there.

The excitement is probably too much for some of you to contain, so in the interim, I’ve posted this superb song from MC Tune which you can listen too.


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