Christmas, adventure and bad fancy dress.

Walking in the Lake district

 Had a fab weekend away recently to celebrate Nikki’s birthday.

We stayed in Ambleside and although the weather could have been better, we got out on the hill, each day (including Friday, when we walked to Lords Seat).

I’ve been to the lakes about 4 times so far this year, and I’m really looking forward to New Year when were back there again.

Me dressed as Indiana Jones.

It was Children in Need last Friday.

A worthy cause, and loads of staff turned up in fancy dress. I decided to join them.

Can you guess who I am ?

When I asked one of the teams I was assisting at work, the consensus was a Fisherman !.

I really thought I looked like Indiana Jones. I was so disappointed at this setback, that my hat and bag spent the rest of the day in my draw.

The Moneypenny Playroom

Other developments at work. The canteen sell really nice salad (its not called a Canteen, its called a play room. Its an ideal place to relax, and my friend Sam who visited recently commented that it was amazing).

I was delighted to find I’ve lost 3 quarters of a stone in weight (and still going).

I’ve also found some of my Mancunian phrases can confuse people from Wales.

The other day, Debbie was working on a Saturday, and I asked if she wanted ” a lift”. Ollie, asked how this would be possible, since I dont have a car and catch the train to work.

I explained that a lift, is an offer of assistance. But for simplicity, I now just offer “help” to save any confusion.

Made me think of this list of things that British people say, and what they actually mean.

Safari pub crawl with IVC

Out on Friday evening to see the Imitation Game (I found out why its called that. It alludes to the Turing test).

Turing theorised that a machine would be intelligent, when it could convince a human that they were talking to another human. Each year, the Turing test is conducted, and people have typed conversations with a “Black box” and have to work out if its a human or a machine. Effectively, if its a machine it’s imitating a human, so that’s where the films name comes from.

Some of the technical stuff was simplified, but in every way it was a fantastic film, and I’d urge people to go out and watch it.

In a sentence. Its okay to be arrogant, so long as in the end you deliver.

Saturday morning, I got loads more stuff done in the house. The 21st is looming, and I’m working flat out, to get everything ready for the “relaunch of my house” and the TLC its badly needed since I bought it 9 years ago.

In the afternoon, I did some Christmas shopping and then met up with some friends from IVC.

Rhian (at the front on the left) had organised a Safari themed pub crawl. We visited all the pubs in the city, with any sort of Animal or Bird name.

One surprise, was when we went to Kookoo. Its a cocktail bar and the kind of place I think should be petrol bombed for its pretentiousness. However, having gone inside, it was really nice and relaxing, and I may go back again.

A nice waterfall

Bad news on Sunday morning.

I’d arranged to go out with the walking group, who were doing a trip to Rainow no less.

You may remember Rainow from when I walked the Gritstone trail with Tony a few years ago. My friend Lyndsay lived/lives there, so I’ve always had a fondness for it.

Unfortunately, so good a time was had the previous day that I was the worse for wear and had to cancel. And I’m the person who lectures others on never missing out on an opportunity.

Never mind, I got some stuff done in the house, and even made time to watch the finale of Dr Who, which I thought was the best one they’ve done in ages.

Idyllic Christmas
Idyllic Christmas

Well not long now until Christmas, and New Year along with it. I’m mad busy rushing to complete all the things on my mindmap (its honestly been an amazing year, but there’s still stuff to  do).

I’ve taken a few days off over Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to it. Christmas has a special significance for me now, after the one in 2009 when I thought I’d lose everything.

So I make the most of them from now on. I’ve taken off  Christmas eve, for some important “me time”.

The day will probably consist of Christmas buffet, Jack Daniels, my favourite DVD’s, and Call of Duty future warfare.

I’ll have my train set and raspberry pi setup, as well as my £3 tree from Wilkinsons, with lights and everything.

Obviously first thing in the morning, I’ll be playing Christmas songs. My mum used to always do this, and there’s nothing that gets you in the festive mood like Christmas music.

In the evening, 1 or 2 pints in my favourite pub to celebrate old times/absent friends, and probably finish off with a curry then back to my cosy warm house, with its new windows and condensing boiler :).

* The picture above, isn’t actually my house, nor is that my dog, I just thought it was a nice picture and captured the essence of Christmas.

People celebrating Christmas

On the party/social front, I feel quite privileged this year.

I’ve been invited to Nikiki’s parents for Christmas day (obviously Nikki’s coming as well).

There are official and unofficial Christmas party’s at work.

I’m off to Manchester to celebrate with my brother and a few friends and Lyndsay is home from Switzerland, so I may visit Macclesfield for a catch up.

The walking group are having a weekend away, and a Christmas curry as well (and just before I’ll be hosting a reception at my house).

I’m attending a black tie dinner with IVC

I may see Glenn (well I hope so, I’ve bought him a present).

* This is another phoney one, I dont know any of these people, but its a nice photo.


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