Bolt hole.

Wayne, Reggie and the dev team at Yale.

I always use a metaphor of life being like a bus.

Some people will take the wheel and steer it where they want it to go, and others (the majority) will sit comfortably at the back letting it take them where it will (and when it arrives somewhere they dont like they’ll say that life isn’t fair 🙂

Won’t surprise you to hear, that most of my friends fall into the first category.

Thing is the bus of life, is like flow of life, which you carefully craft in the direction you want it to go.

But like anything that’s ever worthwhile, it requires effort, and we all need to rest sometimes or re-energise. The simple phrase I use for this, is a bolt hole.

I just thought I’d mention one of mine, as an inspirational example.

I work in support and infrastructures, but Moneypenny has an extensive dev team as well (and let me be clear, that dev is short for developer, not deviant as some may think 🙂

Put simply, although they work in IT like me, their interests and profession are entirely different to mine, although we share a common culture.

Each Friday, we go to the Yale Witherspoon in Wrexham. We have a drink (I have a pint) and some nice food.

It isn’t expensive, but a chance to relax, have interesting conversation and touch base in preparation for the weekend (if your interested, you can search this blog to see details of my weekend planner and how it works).

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment, and thank Wayne, Reggie, Alex, Jamie and the new one for all their help, support and occasional piss taking of me, and see you next Friday 🙂

The search for adventure continues…

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