Day in Montenegro.


Continuing from my trip to Dubrovnik, we decide on a day trip to Montenegro.


Once again, we meet our minibus and were off.

Our first stop is Kotor. The weather was appalling all day, but this view of the North gate and moat were spectacular.


Wandering around, we arrive at the sea gate and wander into the old town.

In the background you can see the fortress on the hill overlooking the town, on the walls that surrounds the city.

The walls surrounding the city go up 1200 metres into the mountains. They were first started in the 9th century.

As the place was invaded, whoever was in charge at the time, built them up a bit more until the 15th century when they formed a full circle around the town.


Immediately inside the gate is this stone carving of 3 angels, which our guide said was internationally famous.


Although the weather was bad, you could see how nice the main square must look on a sunny day.

Unusually, we stop in the square and have coffee (if it had been sunny, I’m sure we would have had a pint of beer 🙂


Kotor Cathedral of Saint Tryfon is one of the more popular sites in the city.

Although a lovely place, Kotor is quite tiny and I think you could see the whole thing in about 2 hours, even if you were taking your time.


The Pima palace dominates the square.

It was rebuilt after the 1979 earthquake.


On the wall, the symbol of the Venetian stone lion.


St Lukes 12 century church.

It’s unusual, as it has 2 altars, one for Catholic and one for Orthodox pilgrims.


Having seen Kotor, we head for Budva, part of the Budva Riviera (although honestly, with the weather I wasn’t feeling it).

In the harbour were some massive boats, and an old town with lots of back streets, and a nice ale house that we found.


Budva is 2500 years old.

Until 1918 it remained the Southern most fortress in the Austro-Hungarian empire (you can see the outer fortress wall in the middle of this picture).


We continue on our way and after 6k, arrive at Sveti Stefan a private hotel on its own Island.

Unfortunately, the rules are now much stricter, and you can go onto the Island unless your staying in the hotel.

But at £30 for lager, that probably for the best.


Back in our minibus and were off again.


And amazingly, we drive past the hotel featured in Casino Royal.

Well, that’s what our guide told us, but the external and internal scenes are from a hotel in Prague.

Actually, the poison/car park scenes takes place here at the hotel Splendide in Montenegro.


And after all the excitement, we head for home.

To shorten the route back, we take a ferry across the Kotor bay, then drive back to Dubrovnik.

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