Birthday Barge trip.

setoff To Celebrate my Birthday, I hired a barge for the day, from Anglo/Welsh barges.

Loads of my friend from both Chester and Manchester came along for the day, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

First things first, we loaded up the Galley (it was fully featured, and had a sink, a stove and a fridge).

Sarah had prepared an excellent packed lunch, and we loaded up the fridge with the various beverages ranging from orange juice to vodka, and everything in between.

steve My reliable friend Steve checks the last minute details, and we are off ! .
An aqueduct next to the boat yard presented some excitement. aqua1
aqua2 We had selected a barge, as sailing in one was extremely relaxing.

The added bonus to this, was that we could get off the boat, and walk in front of it, to take photographs.

Mike Delafield, an old friend from the awful Corning, and my Brother David, chat about a possible pool match. mike
ducks Some ducklings were spotted, which the “girls” wanted to be photographed.
My friends Lee and Susan came all the way from Bury.

Here Susan poses next to the steering tiller (which her husband Lee commanded superbly, throughout the day.

tunnel We headed into a tunnel, which was pretty exciting.
Inside, we activated the lights, so the boat wasn’t plunged into Darkness.

An old friend, Jon Knight was able to join us, and brought his friend Claire who had joined us at our wedding.

cake In the afternoon, Sarah produced a delicious birthday cake, she had made for me.
In the afternoon, we “sailed” to Llangolan, and had drinks in the Corn mill pub.

What a brilliant day out, if you fancy trying it yourself, visit Anglo Welsh Holidays.


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