Yorkshire 3 Peaks


frankecafe Frank at the Cafe where participants cards are stamped prior to setting off on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge.

The people there were very friendly and helpful, and knew my Uncle John.

This is the Settle to Carlisle Railway Viaduct.

Everyone talks about how beautiful it is, but lots of people died making it, which kind of takes some of the beauty away as far as I am concerned.

There was a Caravan just near here, which sold Coffee and Burgers, I couldn’t recommend either.

 peny This is the view of Pen – y – Ghent from my Uncles Cottage.

Its really interesting, as because his house is on a hillside, its upside down.

The living quarters are upstairs, and the sleeping quarters are downstairs. Otherwise, there would be no view in the living room.

I first saw this walk in Adventure Travel magazine and was determined to complete it.

I woke at 6:30 (I was staying at my Uncles cottage) and woke up Dizzy Dave (who was sleeping in a tent at the camp site) and then woke up Frank (who was staying in the local b + b).

All 3 peaks must be completed in 1, 12 hour sitting (there wouldn’t be much time for sitting).

 fstpk We decided to climb them, in the traditional order.

Top of the First Peak.

Pen – y – Ghent (694m, pronounced penny ggent).

It was a synch really, we got to the top in less than 40 minutes.

Top of the 2nd peak.

Whernside (736m).

Showing signs of fatigue, the soles of my feet, felt like they were on fire !.

 lastpk Top of the 3rd peak and its done !.

Ingleborough (723m).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as that, since it took another hour and 45 minutes to walk back to Horton on Ribblesdale.

We put our cards in to get a certificate saying we had done it

Eleven hours to complete it. Not exactly Steve Cram, but at least we were doing it, when most of our mates were back home in the Pub !.

Off to the local in Horton-on-Ribblesdale, to meet my Uncle John and Auntie Veronica and celebrate.

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