Singapore and drinks in Raffles hotel.

boats I walked along the river bank and saw these junkets.

I find Singapore to be very clean and well run. It was certainly the safest place I visited while travelling.

A statue of Raffles, which says he came upon a small fishing village, and changed the course of its destiny forever. statue
me_rain Me standing outside a government building. The guidebook had 3 walking tours, which Frank and I did.

I wore my go anywhere Rohan shirt, it was warm and soaking all day.

I was born in Oldham in Manchester, so when I saw this sign, I took a picture of it. oldham
lousyfish I saw this cafe. They certainly were to the point. I don’t know if you can read it, but the sign says “no lousy fish” and “no good don’t pay”
The Swissotel. 70 stories high. Awesome. 70floorhotel
bar Frank and I in Raffles hotel, where there are peanuts on the floor. Whilst there, the Norwegian king and queen came into the bar with an entourage of 40 people. We liked it that much, that we had 4 pints.
The original billiard room in Raffles hotel. Its said that a tiger was shot underneath the billiard table. In reality, the tiger was underneath the floorboards. billiardroom
hotel1 The entrance to Raffles hotel. They actually had a guy in traditional dress greeting guests.
The forecourt inside Raffles hotel. hotel2
umberella A sculpture of people with umbrellas. If you look closely, you can see that Frank is in the picture amongst them.

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