BT cheque lands on my doormat and adventure calls


Unemployed.  Not a lot going on.

A lot of people will read this and think that its the end of adventure for the time being. In one way, you’d be right, it can be pretty difficult to get to Kuala Lumpur claiming job seekers allowance.

However, this gives me a chance to prove something I’ve said often before. That Adventure is everywhere, and all you need to do to find it, is research and planning (oh and a small amount of money).

Additionally, since this website is subtitled the adventures of an ordinary person, a lot of ordinary people are feeling the pinch right now, and a couple of budget adventure ideas should help those in a similar position to myself.

On a practical front, I am still unemployed and its urgently important that I get another job. Its nearly 20 years since I was previously unemployed, but I remember specifically, that one really important thing, was to establish a routine.

Each morning, I get up, go for a run (although sometimes its more of a walk), get back, eat a sensible breakfast and then get ready. I then spend about 2 hours scouring the internet, calling agencies and emailing CV’s.

In the old days, I would have had to sit in the house all day, waiting for people to call me back. With the advent of mobile phones, I can get out and do something, while waiting for emails and phone calls, so most of my afternoons are free.

Well, the other morning, I returned from my run, and I found a letter from BT. They had overcharged me, and had sent me a cheque for £36. I decide to find out how many budget adventures I can do with this money (which obviously, I hadn’t planned to receive).  Since BT have sort of “sponsored” this project, its going to be known as the BT Adventures!.

The other blog entries will show some of the stuff I do in the coming days.

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