Afternoon in Delamere Forest


With all my daily chores complete, I decide to visit Delamere Forest. Its only about 12 miles from Chester, and about a fiver return on the train.

One area of days out, where money disappears really quickly, is eating out. Its nice if you can afford it, but I always take a packed lunch, some crisps and a chocolate bar. Then I take either a bottle of water or a flask with some coffee in it.

I don’t carry any formal walking stuff, but I wear a T shirt, a jumper and a waterproof jacket, between these 3, they can match just about any UK Summer weather. Bit of money, mobile phone, Swiss Army Knife and an orange bivy bag (not really used for emergency’s, more often used to sit on, and eat my sandwiches. One final thing, is footwear. If your not walking hills, or anything serious, you may find it more comfortable, to wear an old pair of trainers.

I have a map of the area (and I’ve attended NNAS Bronze and NNAS Silver courses).  On this occasion, I decide to just wing it, walk in a particular direction, and see where it takes me. I find this superb lake, and nearby a pub and a quite elaborate camp site. I make mental notes, as all these things will make for a pretty good weekend away at some point in the future.


Delamere forrest is scattered with trails. Sections of the Sandstone trail and the Delamere way to name just a few. Most of the trails around there, can be navigated by mountain bike (I even see a van from Fairbridge there, they are spending the day mountain biking). Someone has even constructed a sort of stunt area for mountain bikes. Its empty, so I stop there and eat my sandwiches.

I continue walking along, occasionally leaving the path, to explore the denser forests. After 4 hours of walking around in the sunshine, I decide to head back to the station. I realise, that I don’t actually know where I am, and since I haven’t been monitoring my progress on the map, could be in a bit of difficulty as there’s no one around.

I remember my Iphone, find a road, and use Google. Maps to find the Railway station. Another success for the Iphone.


On the way, I visit this Go-Ape high rope course. I am tempted to give it a try, and pop in to their office to get some details. Its £25, you are given a quick demo, and then you go around on your own.  Seems quite expensive to me, and anyway, it’s outside my budget.

The train isn’t due for 30 minutes. I’m still well within my budget, so I treat myself to a cup of tea, in the nice cafe at the railway station.

Get back home, then have a bath and cook dinner. Another interesting afternoon, for £6.50.

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