Eyes of a child.

Many of you know, that my friend Frank lives in Thailand now, where he teaches English and Science to young Children.

The other day, they had a comprehension test, where he would speak to them in English. He described a person that he knew. Remember, that learning English for a Thai person, isn’t like someone from Manchester learning French, and the children concerned were quite young.

The person he ended up describing, was me. He emailed me some of the pictures that the children drew.

Picture of Me, walking the Limestone way, one of many walks, Frank and I did together.

Above is a picture of me on the limestone way. I normally have my Ipod earphones in, when I’m around town, and one the hill, a carry normally carry my Indi bag (sort of over the shoulder bag of the gas mask bag type, worn by Indiana Jones.

Amazingly, one of the Thai children, listening to a description in Colloquial English, and having never met me, drew the picture bellow.

Picture of me, drawn by a Thai schoolboy who has never met or seen a picture of me, from a rough description by Frank in English.

I think its a pretty good likeness and truly inspirational.

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