Angels and Demons. What an awfull film.

update:  Saw the last episode of Fringe yesterday. That series started well, and just got better with every episode. A lot of series like that (Lost, the X files towards the end etc) some times feel like there making up the long story as they go along. This definitely didn’t happen with Fringe, and the only last-episode-of-the-series that was better than S01E20 of fringe, would be final episode, series 2 of Battlestar Galactica.

Its on TV right now, make a point of watching it, its superb.

The Dan Brown book Angels and Demons inspired me to visit Rome (and I found that a lot of the stuff in the book was rubbish). You can read about it at Rome 1 and Rome 2.

Earlier this evening, I went to see the film of the same name. It might seem obvious, but if you haven’t read the book, and think you might in the future, don’t go and watch the film until then.

I found the film inevitably rushed, and never seemed to dwell on any point or character long enough to give it either significance or depth.

Dan Brown isn’t exactly an amazing writer, but at least in his books, the main characters are 2 dimensional. In this film, most of them are reduced to 1 dimension and more “wheel them out”,  prop like, than 80’s Arnie.

Enumerate liberty’s have been taken with the plot, to the point that it bares little similarity to the original story. The one thing I really missed, were the technical and historical anecdotes, featured throughout the book, which are few and far between in the film.

The really good thing about the film !. Well, in the book, its implied that a secret passage exists between 2 buildings (wont say which, as don’t want to spoil the film any more than the director already has). In the book, its an underground tunnel. At the start of the book, Brown states that everything in the book is accurate.

Well, there is a passageway, that much is true, but it isn’t underground. Its along the top of a wall. In the film, they actualy walk along the wall, so at least that’s accurate.

Final episode of house. Wont say what happened, but I was shocked and didn’t see that coming.

Also, wedding of Cameron and Chase. In real life they were engaged, but broke it off, about 2 years ago. Must have been really hard to get married on camera after that.

Its the credit crunch, and a lot of people are a bit miserable. One thing I can recommend is the wired podcast. Its hilarious, I used to listen to it on the train when I was traveling to Manchester.

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