Old days at the Firkin, with Craig on the left and Paul Nightingale on the right.

Just a quick update with a few bits and pieces that are going on at the moment (the sort of thing I can do really quick, now that I’m using embedded WordPress).

Pictured above is an old friend,  who moved to Brussels with work a few years ago (he was one of my first friends, here in Chester).

What most people don’t know, is that for at least 5 years, he has been hosting (and paying for) www.johnsunter.com. In that time, he has never asked for any money, asked for adverts to be added or anything like that.

Earlier today, I took over hosting of the domain name.  We had both agreed that I would do this, sooner or later, but the upgrade to johnsunter.com ver 2.0, put this on the immediate Radar.

An unsung hero of this website, who has frequently offered positive feed back and support, I just wanted to say a quick thanks for all his help. As I’ve found over the last 15 difficult months, doom merchants are  outspoken and everywhere, but real supporters and friends are hiding in the woodwork silently, just waiting for the moment you need them.

While the thanks are going around, thought I would say a quick well done to the excellent Henrik, who has helped out with with all kinds of technical things and got the embedded WordPress to work (still a lot to do, but I’ve been talking about upgrading for 3 years and its finally happening).

Also, thanks to everyone who sent me cards for my birthday. I have put them up in my room, and special thanks to my Auntie Marjorie, who sent me an illuminous one, it has kept me a awake for hours :).

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