The Dee coastal path

A horse grazing on the Dee coastal path.

I’d mucked about around the Dee Estuary a few times on my bike, but I never realised, it was an official path (and now featured as an extension onto Chester’s promenade walk).

I head for a place called the Cop (nothing to do with Liverpool football club) where the walk begins.

The football ground of Chester City.

The path runs very close to Chester football ground, which despite living here for 8 years, I have never seen.

Since its nearby, I decide to pop over and have a look. Well, its a football ground, and I enjoy football as much as watching Goldfish swim around  a bowl.

I continue along. The route, runs along the coast of the river Dee, for 7 miles (or 8 miles depending on which signs you believe).

Its a pretty quiet walk, you meet a lot of cyclists in training, but very few walkers. Its very open to the elements, so the usual rules apply, of wearing an old pair of trainers, and if its warm, take a daysack containing water,  a warm jumper and a waterproof coat with you (this is Britain after all, and it could well start raining half way around).

One thing that always surprises me, is the number of people who walk along a “road” walk, like the Wirral way, but wear walking boots. The thing is, “propper” walking boots, have a gripping sole, that’s designed to “bite” into something (preferably the ground) if it can’t do that (ie you are walking on a tarmac’ed road, rather than a muddy field) then they will bite into your feet.

I can’t realy talk, as I fell for that one while doing Hadrians wall . The first 12 miles are tarmac (and lead through, effectively a housing estate) and I sustained the worst blisters Ive ever had there.

Map of the number 5 cycle route, that lead back into Chester.

The Coastal path, effectively ends at the Connors key bridge.

From here, its possible to walk back into Chester along the number 5 route of the cycle path (again, 7 or 8 miles, depending on which sign you believe).

The long, straight, flat cycle route.

The cycle path (as you would imagine) is very flat, and mostly straight. Its a lot more sheltered than the coastal section, and makes the 2nd half of the journey, a lot more relaxing.

About a mile from town, the path joins the Canal towpath and its possible to wander into Chester admiring the barges (and then find a pub next to the Canal and have a pint, this being after all).

Whilst researching this trip, I learned of a new and exciting walking technique, which is fashionable at the moment. Many people, will be familiar with Climbing (and even Canoeing) in the Alpine style.  Siege technique is also well know in the Himalayas.

Well, not to be outdone here in Chester, walking in the Amelia style is gaining popularity. Named after the recently returned Chester socialite Amelia Webb, it involves setting out on a fairly long walk, with minimal equipment. Getting tired or bored after about 20 minutes, and then taking a taxi (YES, A F*CKING TAXI !) to the pub to relax and discuss the walk !.

Continuing on my budget adventure theme, Ill be visiting Southport and going on the Chester secret history tour in the next few days, so stay tuned (well you dont have to actually, it’s not like I have a radio station or anything).

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