The characters from Dollhouse (for some reason the Dr is missing).

Well, money has been tight, so I haven’t been to the Cinema, and I have had to cancel my subscription to love film. Never mind, there have been loads of cool things on the TV lately.

Along with Fringe, Dollhouse is one of the two best new TV series, that I have seen this year. They both have a science fiction theme, but Dollhouse (made by the same guy who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has a less science orientated theme and has a bit more “glam”.

Each of the characters are human, and in their own way flawed. It makes for great TV interaction.  Also, for people like me who enjoy action, the fight scenes are superbly choreographed.

The first couple of episodes are a bit tame, but don’t be put off, they are there to set the scene. The last 5 episodes, have plot twists flying at you left right and centre.

Ive also been catching up on some comedy series.

Family Guy, recommended by my old friend Amanda, and more recently by Jude, is hilarious adult entertainment. I would say that its near the bone, but its not that subtle. I’m amazed they get away with putting half of the stuff into every episode, as its so controversial.

But lets be honest, in private, chatting with friends, aren’t some of our funniest conversations very controversial, things we wouldn’t want the rest of the world to know, but secretly we find hilarious.

One scene the other evening featured God (and I mean literally a cartoon character of the Christian God) dressed in robes drinking in a bar, and chatting up girls by lighting their cigarettes at will. In the next scene he accidentally sets fire to one of the girls and shouts “Jesus Christ” in alarm.

At that moment, a cartoon character of Jesus Christ (with thorns and everything) steps into view to help. I don’t know how they get away with putting that on the TV, they must get death threats every week !.

I’ve also been watching both series of Flight of the Concords, as recommended by Matt Bridges, and his lovely daughter Eve. There are no glossy sets, flash props, or anything like that, its just pure inventive situation humour.

A show I’ve never really followed (as it pokes fun at IT) is the IT Crowd. The scene in the 2nd series where faced by a visit from the serious fraud office, over pension discrepancies, the boss calmly walks to the window, opens it, and steps out into oblivion, moments after congratulating himself on his business prowess is a landmark in TV comedy.

On a far more serious note, I was watching Leaving Las Vegas. This isn’t a film to watch if you want cheering up, but its gritty and real. I think school children should perhaps be encouraged to watch this film, for some of the scenes that show the harsh reality of alcoholism.

Otherwise, they will probably just see Fosters adverts, with witty guys, attractive women and sunny days, that gives a one sided view of drinking. It also shows (what I believe to be) the reality of prostitution. I think rubbish TV programs like The Secret diary of a call girl (based on a blog, which I honestly think was written by a man) are dangerous.

I’ve waited 9 years to watch that film, and it was just as good as Id been told.

I’ve been recording all 5 episodes of the new Torchwood series. I wanted to watch them all together. The previous series have been pretty good, so ill have to see what happens.

Mriska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni from the superb Law & Order - Special Victims Unit.

I found out a really interesting fact the other day.  Mariska Hargitay who plays Olivia Benson, in the superb Law & Order – Special Victims Unit (and interestingly has a small part in Leaving Las Vegas) is the daughter of Jayne Mansfield.

She was actually in the car on the night of the accident, which decapitated her mother.

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