Capetown with Table mountain - back on the agenda.

Everyone. As most of you know, Ive recently started a fantastic job, and had virtually no free time during my first week (I was too tired each evening, to do anything apart from make sandwiches and pack my bag for work).

To top it all, I had planned to go camping, the weekend after that, so there was no time to catch up.

I still have loads of articles to put up, about budget adventures, the camping trip, and loads of new stuff about virtualization (if that’s your bag).

I have set aside several hours on Saturday morning, to get the site up to date, and from then on, it will be updated at least twice a week.

In the meantime, I continue to “micro” blog with twitter, so stay tuned.

Will get going now, but thanks for coming back to, the adventures of an ordinary person.

ps, if Claire from work is reading this, I just thought Id give you a quick mention.


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