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Keeping Busy

The washing machine I fixed.

I’m organising my birthday for the afternoon/evening of the 8th of May. If you fancy coming, put it in your diary.

I’ve been doing all sorts of interesting things lately. As well as my daily study on networking and virtualization, I’ve branched out into other things. Amazing though it sounds, in the last few days, I have designed flyer’s for local bands, repaired a washing machine, painted a room, rebuilt a laptop, and delivered furniture. If you live nearby and there’s an odd job you want doing, then give me a shout.

Dan has Finally moved to Nantwich (I’m off to see him tomorrow) and my lodgers leave in 11 days.

While I’ve been experimenting with technology, Ive found that windows 7 is absolutely fab on net-books. I had always believed that windows XP was the weapon of choice for that kind of platform, but if you have a net-book, and want to get loads of new useful features, and see it run a lot faster (basically, all the stuff that Vista promised, and didn’t deliver on) then I would definitely recommend it. There is a brill video, about how to install it from USB here.

The Beach at Prestatyn

Adventure wise, I went over to Prestatyn the other day. It was great to walk along the beach in the sunshine. There are still loads of hills to climb in my life at the moment (much like everyone else’s I imagine) and its nice occasionally to just get away.

Next weekend is the National Outdoor Show. Loads of friends I’ve met adventuring and companies I’ve used, are going to be there. Its run over 3 days, if you get some time, pop over to the NEC and see what you can find.

A stupid sign that I saw at the cinema.

Why do they do this. I mean if it really MUST  remain locked at all times, why not just take the doors off, and build a wall there !!!???.

Congratulations to my friend Matt Bridges. After earning/obtaining/winning 3 degree’s previously, he has finally decided on his 4th, to wear the funny hat, and accept his 4th degree formally.

On a more serious note, the plight my old friend Oliver Richardson, and his wife Jess. Some of you will remember that I met him at IBM, and travelled to their wedding in Las Vegas . They moved to the US some years ago, and recently went to Mexico and adopted a little boy called Hugo.

Jess has been out there with the baby continuously for several months, in the murder capital of Mexico. It was actualy featured on US TV, you can see it here.

My first month in a new job.

My VM Ware server, I have 5 different servers and 2 endpoints running concurently.

Its Friday evening and I’m out Jogging (yeah right, I’m in the Pub, working on my laptop).

Well, Ive just finished my first month in my new Job. Its pretty interesting, Ive learned loads of cool new stuff about infrastructures, VM Ware and Citrix.

For example, some of you reading this (that even care !) will think that there are 3 types of entity in the client side virtualization model (there are in fact 5).

Its pretty cool, I have my own laptop, my own server and other stuff like an IP phone and an RSA key.

To resolve various technical matters, we use state of the art technology. One of them, is a program called Windbg. Apparently it stands for the nickname, Win-debug. I personally think it should be called Windbag, which is much easier to remember.

In the evening, Ive been watching a DVD by Brian Madden (a legend in the virtualization world, I read his blog every week).


Culturally, the firm is very modern and progressive, as you would expect a software house to be.

On my first day, we had an induction with the boss ( a very charismatic guy).  Amongst the various things discussed, were some management strategies that had evolved with the company, and one was  the metaphorical  “hill of hell”.  Its Ironic, that every day, I face my own personal hill of hell, as I walk from the station to the office, up an enormous hill.

The lad I walk in with, is a lot fitter than me, so I am usually exhausted when I get to the top (although I feel like I’m getting a lot fitter).

Dave Angel from the Fast Show

As well as the lad I walk into work with, Ive made some other friends. One of them, Darius (that isnt his real name) who looks a lot like Dave Angel from the Fast Show.

Darius, initially accused me of racism.  His argument centered around my lack of cultural sensitivity towards residents of a particular peninsula near Mersey side, which purports to be part of Cheshire.

His allegations, centered around the fact that I call it The Wirral.  He points out, that there is no such thing as The Manchester, or The Liverpool.

I have therefore, spent the last 3 weeks, practising saying <pause> Wirral, which has resolved the problem.

Darius (who goes rowing) and Ro (it isn’t her proper name, but it rhymes with it) teas me by making up songs containing my surname.

The towpath walk near work.

In terms of working benefits, there is a canteen. Although I take sandwiches Monday to Thursday, they always do “Pies” on Friday, and I make a point of starting the weekend early by eating one (along with chips and gravy).

The office is casual dress code as well, which I think is much more comfortable than I traditional suit.  I resist the urge to dress like a 70’s punk rocker and try to maintain some sense of occasion in my clothes and grooming.

There is a superb coffee machine, which is free. Its amazing, the sort of coffee, that you pay £3.50 after a meal, is the stuff that we drink throughout the day. I prefer a mix of Italian, and occasional Arabic brands.

I spend my lunchtimes either reading or going out walking. I have worked out a circular route, that takes in the Canal and can be completed in about 40 minutes. Its very peaceful and relaxing.

Unfortunately (for the purposes of this blog) the company functions in a competitive market place, so Im not able to discuss what we do, how we do it etc (you’ll just have to take my word, that its pretty exciting stuff).

Overall, things are pretty good. Life is getting back to normal (after 4 months of unemployment).  I have enough money to pay the bills and pursue adventure, and I have interesting work to do each day. If there is more to working life than that, Id like to see it.


Capetown with Table mountain - back on the agenda.

Everyone. As most of you know, Ive recently started a fantastic job, and had virtually no free time during my first week (I was too tired each evening, to do anything apart from make sandwiches and pack my bag for work).

To top it all, I had planned to go camping, the weekend after that, so there was no time to catch up.

I still have loads of articles to put up, about budget adventures, the camping trip, and loads of new stuff about virtualization (if that’s your bag).

I have set aside several hours on Saturday morning, to get the site up to date, and from then on, it will be updated at least twice a week.

In the meantime, I continue to “micro” blog with twitter, so stay tuned.

Will get going now, but thanks for coming back to johnsunter.com, the adventures of an ordinary person.

ps, if Claire from work is reading this, I just thought Id give you a quick mention.



The Statue of Alan Turing in Manchester Gay Village.

Firstly, profound apologies for not updating the website for a while, I have just had loads of things going on. I’m still seeking employment, and I have a 3rd interview on Tuesday for a fantastic job. It isn’t exaggerating to say, that if I get that job, it will quite literally change my life (so no pressure!).

Ive been switching on my old mobile (the one I use for travelling) and Ive noticed that a few of you, have been sending texts to my old number. As most of you know, I know use an IPhone, and my number has changed.

If the number you are using does not end 320, drop me a line, and Ill give you the new one.

In terms of the website, I know that some of the sections under About, need completing and I haven’t setup old johnsunter with the original site yet. Myself, and that son of toil Henrik, are working desperately to fix this as you read.

Congratulations to Mark. Wasn’t able to join him on his stag do, due to a minor venue conflict, but everyone here at johnsunter.com wish to congratulate him on his impending/already completed wedding. Life as a married man, will require a level of financial stability, so may we provide a shameless piece of biased advertising.

If you need the services of a photographer, have a look here I can highly recommend him.

Sometimes its the simple things in life that bring you pleasure. In Tesco, I used to shop for my packed lunches, and noticed some Tesco own brand chocolate wafers (a sort of rip off Kitkat). The thing that was interesting, is that they were available in a mint chocolate flavour, which the “real” Kitkats arent.

They were dirt cheap, tasted delicious, and you can imagine my disappointment, when they stopped selling them several months ago.

“Insiders” at Tesco (my friends who work there, and cant be named due to draconian hr rules and blogging) tipped me the nod the other day, that they are back on the shelves. Although Im trying to lose weight, I ate an entire packet, in one sitting.

The Dell PC I use at home, the same model, featured in Dollhouse.

On the technology front, Ive been keeping myself busy at home.

Finaly built my VM Ware server. Some of the stuff you can do on it is amazing, and its all the more spectacular for the fact that it runs on my home computer.

Learning a product called Appsense. Its amazing, it enables virtual desktop and hybrid networks to run worldwide roving profiles, in near realtime.

Finaly, a hilarious story about my Auntie Marjorie.

Most people know of the tragic events of Manchester United and the Munich air disaster. There are streets named after the fallen players all over the city.

On the approach to the City of Manchester stadium (the stadium built to house the commonwealth games, which later became the home of Manchester City) there is a road called Alan Turing way (the road was there, 6 years before the stadium was built).

My Auntie believed that it was named after one of the United players (a strange choice at any rate, United players, on the approach to City’s ground !).

In reality, Alan Turing had nothing to do with football, he was the famous wartime code breaker, and johsunter.com  is dedicated to his memory.

Well, I’ll get going now, but near and far have fun and never stop searching for adventure…