The Burj Dubai Tower.

The Burj Dubai Tower

A few years ago, I was in Dubai. I had been looking forward to it immensely, but to be honest, it felt a bit empty.

The thing is, everyone raves about it, but as a travel destination, rather than a holiday retreat or a business venue, I couldn’t think of many new things to do, once you had been there 48hrs.

One thing that did interest me, was the ski slope in the desert, and the Burj Dubai Tower, which was under construction.

Once completed, it would be just shy of half a mile high (its actually taller than that now).

I read the other day, that it had finally been completed.

Comparison hight chart for the Burj Dubai Tower.

I saw this Chart, showing its relative hight.

I’ve stood in front of the Petronus towers, and all I can say is, if a building is nearly twice THAT high, it must be inconcievably large.

On opening, it was renamed, the Burj Khalifa Tower.  Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan has been responsible for bailing out Dubai financially,  so I wondered if it should really have been called the “Thanks for getting us out of the Sh1t tower” ! (but then I can say that, I’m in a country with relatively free speech !).

Don’t know, if Ill go back to Dubai (although I imagine it is/will be a lot cheaper) but I’m still drawing up a 2nd bluelist for when times get better, and a building that can bee seen with the naked eye, 54k away, must be a sight to behold.

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