NYE (the “yoof” word for New Years Eve).

Family Guy - with sexual harrasment lawyer, Cynthia Ironbox !.

Its said that you should spend the special moments of your life with the people you love.  Since I love Dr Who and Family Guy, I’m going to be spending one of mine,  with them.

Yes, for the first time in years, I’m actually going to be staying in on New Year. The reason. Well, its a mixture of things:

1. Money is tight and even local pubs seem to be charging an entrance fee.

2. I can’t ever remember in my life, a NYE that lived up to expectations (a lot like watching the sun rise/set over the worlds most beautiful sights, in that respect).

3. Although Amelia has “seen off” my collection of Carlsberg, I still have some Wine, a nice Pizza, and when I’m ready to go to sleep, I only have a few metres to walk.

Well, I’ll be up early tomorrow, finalising my plans for 2010. It reminds me of something that happened last New Year.

I was talking to a friend, and commented the year had been probably the worse one of my life.  My friend asked which foreign places I had visited that year. I replied Bangkok, Koh Chang, Borneo, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, St Petersburg and various destinations in Morocco.

After a pause, he said, for just about everyone else in this pub, it would have been the best year of their life !. It gave me a bit of perspective.

Ralph painting on Mount Sinai

I’m not being a complete Social Hermit though, this afternoon, I’m off to meet the Excellent Ralph and Aud (who I first met on the Adventure Company’s trip, Pyramids to Petra).

Spending time with my Family

Over Christmas, I popped up to spend time with my family. It was really nice being able to spend time with them, and get to know my niece a bit better, who I hardly ever see.

Dave and Leigh made some really nice food, mum didn’t comment on my increasing weight and impending baldness and the following day, I went to see Avatar 3d. Overall, an excellent experience.

In the evening, we watched a program about Steve Coogan. During his stand up, he said “why do people criticise David Beckham because he isn’t intelligent”. After a pause “Nobody criticises Stephen Hawking, because he cant play football”. Hilarious.

Lee and Susan

Next day, we all meet up, and I get to spend time with Lee and Susan, 2 of my oldest friends.

Of the many interesting conversations, one about Political correctness.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Political correctness says Lee, only that some individuals have hijacked it for their own purpose.

I reply that its like a compass on a ship or sonar on a ship. They are there so that in times of confusion or poor visibility, the ship could still be navigated.

The idea was never that on a sunny day, everyone looks at the monitors, and nobody looks out of the window.

Which of us is right. I have no idea, but that’s why I love discussions with these 2 !.

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