The Wire

I recently watched the final episode of The Wire. If you haven’t seen it, its true what people say, its probably the best TV series ever made.

I’ve started watching foreign films (Akira, said to be the best manga film ever made).

On the comedy front, watched Step brothers. Absolutely hilarious (you can watch the “dinosaur” scene here).

Overheard a conversation in the pub the other day. A young woman I know quite well, called Becky, was talking to someone at the bar. Describing a TV series, she was asked what channel it was on.

I was expecting to hear a reply like BBC 3, SKY 1 or something like that. In reply she said , do you know BBC I player ?.  I’ve wondered for sometime, when media would fully cross over from TV to Computer etc. Its started already.

In terms of American TV, I’ve just started watching Prison Break. Fringe has just finished, with a rather disappointing finally.

Nip Tuck, a series Ive been watching for ages, finally finished the other evening. It had  jumped the shark completely. Even the final episode was pretty terrible.

Joss Wheedon’s Doll House has ended. I cant help feeling that it never really found its feet.

House is good as ever, and the jury is still out on Caprica, the series that precedes the dazzling, Battlestar Galactica.

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