Reflection, Painting and Sunday lunch.

The Corning staff canteen. Picture with Matt Bridges and Mike Delafield.

Some of you will remember, about 10 years ago, when I worked at a company called Corning.

Christmas before last, I was out with Dan, and I ran into 2 old friends, Matt and Glenn (Matt is pictured above, along with Mike Delafield).

I’m still unemployed, but I try to keep up a routine, until I get another job (I normally get up early, look for jobs, go for a long walk, come home and then do some technical study).

The last couple of months have been really hard, and Christmas being unemployed is particularly miserable. There have however, been some positive things to come of it.

I have used the time for reflection. One thing I have definitely committed to doing, is living simply, as I do now, once I have another job. Put simply, I will never waste money the way I have previously.

I have also tried to contribute to charity a bit more, and help out friends, where I can. One such example, was Matt Bridges. A busy contractor now, he needed sections of his house painting, and simply didn’t have the time.

Before anyone pipes up about me claiming benefit and working, I actually did it for nothing.

Sunday Lunch at Matts House.

Well not completely for nothing, I got to have this really superb Sunday Lunch with Matt, his 2 daughters Connie and Eve, and I even got to meet his mum.

And, I also learned how to paint !.

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