All Change

Dan and I after walking Machu Picchu

Danny who I’ve known for 8 years, is leaving Chester. We’ll still keep in touch, but he’ll be 50 miles away, and nipping out for a spontaneous pint, wont be an option. Its basically the end of the “reprobate” period of my life.

Dan is quite a reserved and private person for the most part, and some people can mistakenly take this for arrogance, which it isn’t.

In the time that we have known each other, life has had its ups and downs (especially over the last 2 years) during all of this, Dan has always been around. Whilst not particularly providing tea and sympathy, his straight talk has always been helpful.

he also gave me his old computer, with 8 gig of ram, and 4 processors, its the best one Ive ever owned, given at a time, when I couldn’t possibly have afforded one myself.

We are having a bit of a lads night on Wednesday at 7pm in the  Commercial hotel, if any of you are free, give me a shout.

On subject of old friends, Ben Orford (who made my woodlander knife) has setup a new website.

Nathans new Cafe on Garden Lane.

Dan leaving Chester, isn’t the only recent change. My lodgers of the past 2 years, Jude and Nath (many of you will remember Nath, as the long suffering barman, from my local the Frog and Nightingale) have decided to move out, and get their own place.

In addition, Nathan has setup a really smart cafe on Garden lane. Ive been there 3 times, its excellent.

The next few months are going to feel really strange…

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