Happy St Georges Day.

The G & D, Chester.

Any statement involving the words George and Dragon in the same sentence, elicits one of two responses in me.

1. Distress, when it refers to that truly terrible Chester “pub” the George and Dragon. Dire !.

George and the Dragon

2. Immense pride, and the celebration of British history.

I remember when we were at school, we were allowed to wear our Scout uniforms and badges on St Georges day.

All sorts of political agitators, have mad a big deal about Britishness, how its being eroded and all the rest (I always smile when I hear that quote, a patriot is someone who loves his country and a nationalist is someone who hates everyone else’s 🙂

A former colleague of mine (an American living in the UK) once said, the problem with you guys is the flag. In America, we have flags in Schools, Churches and at home. You guys are rightly proud of yours, but its only seen flying in public, when a significant football match is about to be played 🙂

For my 2 penny worth, being British, is to be resourceful, be basically fair and have a sense of responsibility.

If your British, wherever you are in the world, lets simply celebrate today with a pint of bitter (I’ll end up leaving most of mine, I only like Lager, but you get the idea !).

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