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Potatoe cakes for Pancake Day. 

My proud potatoe cakes.
My long time friend and cooking Guinea pig, Steve came around the other evening, to celebrate shrove tuesday.

In most homes, there are piles of cooking books, that never get opened (or worse, read, but the contents never actualy get cooked). The sollution I have found, is to go through each book, select various recipes, then put them in a list, laminate it, and bluetack them to your kitchen unit doors. I have 30 + recipies like this, and mark them off, as I’ve done them.

I decided this evening, that I would make Mexican style potatoe cakes, and you can see what they looked like.

Steve was recently featued in the Chester Chronicle (I had to fish it out of the bin, as it normaly goes straight there, from my doorstep, without being read).

Steve is doing well with his allotment project, and is at the forefront of the Big Society idea. He commented that some school children had visited the allotment, and some “beds” had been prepared for them.

I commented, that they should have gone to sleep earlier the night before, but it turned out, they were plant beds, made of soil (I know more about football, than I know about gardening !).

I keep trying to talk Steve wearing a tweed jacket, commensurate with his status around the city, but he wont hear of it.

Migration plans put back and potential business oportunity.

The Rohan Shop in Hale/Altrincham

Have decided not to emigrate. Saw a lot of things while unemployed, and just couldnt get them out of my head. Decided to emigrate, which has been my plan now for some time.

Thing is, stuff seems to be working out okay, life at home is comfortable, things are really picking up at work, I go walking regularly, and I’m just starting to get out adventuring.

Work have agreed to pay for a superb course, that will see me with a VCP, in VM Ware. Thing is, I have to sign a document which says I will pay back most of the money, should I leave within 2 or 3 years. Would it really be so different leaving the UK 8 years from now, rather than 1.

The irony is, I really enjoy working at Phonak/Unitron, and if I’d stuck to my original plan and I could have ended up living in Australia doing a job I hate with people I dont like.

New series of Dr Who. I cant wait.

New Series of Dr Who
The new series of Dr Who will be out soon. I have found a trailer for it here.

No Problem !.

America. A truly great nation, with the odd annoying nuance.

I like America, and have lots of friends there. Problem is, some parts of their culture are annoying and silly, and they allways seem to be the parts that contaminate life here in the uk.

Take the other eveing for example. A friend an I went out for something to eat. I entered the Resteraunt, and asked for a table for 2 people (it was early evening and the place was practicaly empty).

No problem comes the reply. Well, why would there be a problem. I want some dinner, and have some money, I’m a customer, what sort of rubish, is no problem stuff. I’m trying to get a table, not join the freemasons !. A simple “yes of course” would have sufficed.

The ZX81 revisited.

ZX81 setup at home.

Saw this brilliant article about the ZX81 . I came runner up in the Granada power game, when I was 14 and the school bought me one. Okay, compared to modern computers, its pretty un-inspiring, but the hours I spent programing mine, were the foundation for all the clever things I can do today.

One statement in the article stuck in my mind. We convinced our parents, they were educational, when that wasnt teh case. Thats absolutely right, a couple of years later, David and I managed to get a commodore 64 under the guise of learning to type, but ended up gaming it to death.

ZX81 used as a doorstop.

One other thing about the zx81, was how I learned to use it from a manual. I learned about integers (rounded numbers) because there was nobody around to teach me, I got it into my head, that it was pronounced Inteeger. It would be a decade later before someone pointed out it was pronounced Intejer !.

I’ve changed my mind about Lisbon, Munich and Helsinki. Instead, I’ve decided to visit Lisbon, Jerusalem and Helsinki. The first 3 destinations on the 2nd Blue List !.

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