Congratulations – Tony and Kasia.

Congratulations to Tony,my regular walking partner and his friend Kasia, on completing the trailwalker challenge. For the record, I never doubted, for a single moment that he’d do it.

I knew, that once he set off he would complete it, even with a broken leg !.  When I’ve introduced Tony to my friends in Chester and people from work, they have frequently commented that he’s charming and friendly.

That’s only the half of it. Inside is a furnace of enthusiasm and mental determination (he’s also very physicaly fit, which is quite usefull as well).

Also, a well done to Kasia. Not only did she also complete the endurance walk, but did all of the organising and logistics and training walks.

You can read about the event here.

You can sponsor Tony’s crew here (and I would, I love walking long distances, but 60 miles is a hell of a way).

I imagine once their rested, they will have a wild night out in Brighton. I’m proud to know you both.


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