Trans Penine Way.

Determined to get back to full fitness, I headed for Warrington to meet Tony for a days walking.

I had originally planned to cross the river, follow the path of the Weaver canal, pass through Runcorn and finish of in Frodsham.

I wasn’t concentrating too hard on navigation (and why would I, we were meant to be relaxing). Next thing, we were wandering along the Trans Penine Way heading east.

It was pretty fun, as we’d never walked it before, and seemed to be a long straight route.

As we walked further along the way, we came to this board-walk area around the wetlands.

Although the river that runs through Warrington is quite thin, its gets much wider as it heads towards Runcorn.We passed a pub next to a boat yard, and I hinted to Tony that we should get a pint. It fell on deaf ears, so we soldiered on.

We wandered through Spike Island, and then to the Runcorn Bridge.

 Although I’ve driven across it, I’ve never walked across it.

As we reached the foot of the bridge, some drunks offered us directions to Birkenhead.

I couldn’t decide if Tony was determined or just unhappy in this picture.

 I’ve never considered climbing the bridge, but I’d be more worried about Tetinus than falling off.

Carried on walking through Runcorn. Some parts of it were a bit rundown. Got lost just towards the end (seem to keep doing that lately).

Dropped down into Frodsham, a respectable 21 miles.

Popped into the Helter Skelter. We normally have a drink here, before getting the train home. On this occasion, the customers and staff weren’t welcoming or friendly at all, and I wont be going there again.

Another brilliant day out, that cost £2.

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