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As I’ve said many times, I love working in technology, and wouldn’t do anything else. On the downside though, its a life outside the limelight, unless you happen to be Steve Jobs.

Unitron, who need no introduction, invited me to join them at a client event (I would be supporting a practice management system called Blueprint, along with the president of Blueprint, Henrik Nielson).

It was a 2 day event, so I was planning a trip to Oxford at some point, to visit all the pubs featured in Inspector Morse. First reality check, Gareth (previously “mithering” Gareth) point out that there wouldn’t be any free time. “Were up really early, go to bed really late, and don’t have a minute free in between”

No matter, I’ve never been frightened of hard work, so we jump in the van and head south. Once we arrive, I’m delighted to find how nice the hotel is.

First job is to put up the stand. Believe it or not, everything that you can see behind me, fitted into the 2 plinths on either side. I was so proud of the construction, that I asked to be photographed in front of it.

Shortly afterwards, we all headed into town to a steak house for dinner. I got to meet Henrik from Blueprint software and Gary a marketing expert. Late to bed, I really liked my room (and did the typically British thing of raiding the shampoo, tea and tea/coffee).

Up early the following day, the event started in earnest. There were a number of keynote session, we had staff to man the stand and I worked in a room with Henrik, where he gave several sessions on the software’s functionality.

After a stressful day, we had a debrief from Chris. Since it was Chris’s birthday, there was a special Unitron cake .

Later in the evening there was an official dinner. I mingled around the bar, and met some of the customers.

At dinner I get to wear my dinner jacket and enjoy the awards. To be honest, the meal wasn’t as good as the previous evenings, but I enjoyed the formality off it.

I spent the evening with Gemma, Chris and Gareth from Unitron. The surprise of the night, when David Thornton won an award for best Regional Sales Manager.

The party carried on into the early hours, and a good time was had by all.

So, am I quitting IT, to move into sales and marketing for a life of hotels, buffets and dinner jackets.

No way. I had a brilliant time, really enjoyed it and want to do it again, but its no way as interesting as pure technology, and its exhausting. Thanks to Chris & Mel from Unitron, for inviting me.

You can follow Unitron on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UnitronUK

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