Gareth & Katie’s Wedding

My excellent friend Gareth got married a few months ago to his childhood sweetheart Katie, in Cuba.

Obviously, not everyone could make it there, so they arranged a small celebration at the Paddington Hotel in Warrington.

I couldn’t really afford to go, but they are such good friends, that saved a bit of money here and there, and went along. The hotel was simple and unassuming, but the bed was really comfortable, shower was piping hot, and they served me 3 times at the catered buffet 🙂

They had excellent broadband. Early evening, when I was in the bar, Gareth’s son was in some distress. I was told that Peppa Pig would resolve the problem. I watched 4 episodes of this rubbish. Time taken out of my life, I can never get back, but at Freddie was euphoric !

In the evening, there were loads of family members, including Gareths Dad and Brother (both electricians) who I’ve worked with previously. Once the Unitron crew arrived, I made sure everyone had a drink, and sorted out the chairs so they could all sit together.

I had been at work during the day, so headed to bed a bit sooner than I would have liked. A fantastic evening all the same. I’d like to thank Gareth and Katie for inviting me to their event and Lyndsay for giving me a lift home the next morning after breakfast (I didn’t know Chester had a Hocky club, apparently its got 2 !).

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