Delicious Liverpudlian food.

A lot of people think that people who work in IT departments are nurds and watch Battlestar Galactica all the time (well, its 50% true in my department 🙂 ).

Another common cliche, is that HR people are all touchy/feely, but the boss is always a real bastard.

Well, just to show that isn’t the case, read on.

My company is laid back, but nobody said anything about relaxed. We utterly dominate the markets that we work in. Its supposed to be because of innovation, but I recon its because we try harder than any of our competitors !. Today, we were all busy working on something important, so most of us, didn’t get any time to eat our lunch.

As I came to leave, Pam, our HR Manager (who had been especially stressed), kindly gave me some “Scouse” that her mum had made for her lunch, which she hadnt had chance to eat (for those that don’t know, Scouse is a sort of Liverpudlian Corned beef hash).

I thought this was really kind of her, and thought so all the more, when I got it home (as you can see, I was working at home, and eating my evening meal (normally called T, where I grew up) at my computer).

It really was one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten, and I’d like to thank Pam (and her mum) for this very kind gesture.

Next time I make Ginger Chicken, I’ll bring some into work for you all.


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