Furniture Philosophy 2.

In the pub the other day and Dan was taking the piss (much like every other day, in that respect).

I was lamenting, in an off moment, how once life had been really good, how I’d suffered the dark times. That although life was still very hard and I thought I was doing ok, things could have been easier.

He commented that for someone who proclaimed to be poor, I seemed to have some pretty cool possessions.

It struck me for a moment.  I now posses 2 items of furniture, Ive wanted for more than a decade. When I was very well paid and life was easy, I couldn’t afford them, yet today, having previously seen my salary halved, I own them, both. How did this happen ?.

Necessity is the mother of invention ?. Well fine, but how specifically ?

1. I have always wanted to have a glass topped desk.

This one, wasn’t hard at all. Put simply, I went on an event with work. In the truly beautiful hotel we stayed in, I had a glass topped desk which I worked on with my laptop. I often say, I have stood on table mountain (an event which completed my bluelist ) 500 times. Once in body, and 499 times in my head.

Sitting at that desk, made it real in my mind. After experiencing this, I had focus.

A couple of hours of research (Google) found that the desk could be purchased with artist style supports, for £60, or spectacular ebony supports with in built shelves, for only £104.

£104 !. That’s what it has always cost, but I was so convinced that it was a specialist item,that I convinced myself I could never afford it (and this is me, who lectures other people on limiting beliefs).

As Scully said in the first episode of the X-Files, the answers are there (Moulder), you just need to know where to look.

2. I have always wanted a “proper” wood dining table and chairs.

A friend from work was leaving the UK for a secondment to Australia. I overheard her saying she was “getting rid” of a table. I know what sort of person she is, as I have frequently fixed her computer.

Described as “shabby chic”, I knew that when she said it was “OK” that meant to most ordinary poeple (including me) it would be spectacular.

She needed to sell in a hurry. I couldn’t believe that she would part with it for £30, provided I could pick it up in 48hrs.

Ok, so it could be argued, that this is co-incidence. I don’t agree. It has a more poncy name (which I cant be bothered to look up) but I believe its the Green Renault Megan principle.

So here’s the story. One of the partners at my old firm, attends a breakfast lunch. A motivational speaker, gives his talk, and asks the people present close their eyes, and focus on a Green Renault Megan.

The following week, they come back, and he asks them how the week went (Some of the people present have been in business for more than 40 years). They laugh, and say OK, nice setup. To their mind, there was clearly a special promotion in car showrooms, as there were Green cars of this type on just about every road.

Except that’s not the case. As the speaker says, there are no more Green Megan’s on the read this week, than there have ever been. Its just that now your looking for them.

Never ceases to amaze me that people who set a personal goal are surprised when “co-incidences” occur and opportunities appear. Youve decided to do the Inca Trail, but funds are scarce. “amazingly” your next door neighbor has a suitable rucksack in the loft from his inter-ailing days.

Co-incidence ? Really ?

Once home, I position the table flush to a wall in my house. This means it can only have 3 chairs around it. Another “co-incidence”. My friend Glenn (the largest supplier of antique pine furniture in the country), has 3 really superb chairs of the type I really like. Unfortunately he cant source a 4th chair.

He’s sorry to disappoint me, but because of this, he can reduce the price :).

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