Difficult times

This isn't me by the way !

Sorry there hasn’t been an update of js.com in a few days.

A simple thing like carrying some camp chairs to an open air Blondie concert is all it takes to cause lower back pain.

My excellent Dr, advises that the problem will pass in 1 to 2 weeks, and that the problem is relatively common and not serious at all.

He also points out that the pain is far disproportionate to the seriousness of the problem. All I know, is that I can walk, or lie down for a short while, but after that, I’m in agony.

Putting on socks takes me about 25 mins, as the pain is that intense.

I know it will be gone in a few days, but the main problem is frustration. I have loads of important things to do at work.

With the pain, I literally can’t think straight enough to type an email, and if the facts I put in it are wrong, it will be worse than if I didn’t type it at all.

Worse still, with the hectic nature of my life, I dream of free time to do random things in the house.

So now, I have the painful irony of looking at jobs that need doing, but not having the energy or the pain “resistance” to do them (especially, I have updates for this website that desperately need doing, yet I’m lying on a sofa fighting of pain and fatigue).

25 years ago, I was on a once in a lifetime trip called the Hambrose cruise, with Fairbridge Drake. It was a multi activity trip, which shaped and directed my life. During the sailing, I had severe sea sickness.

After several days, I pulled around. Tony and Nadiah both looked confused that I had suddenly become so talkative. I said simply, I was in a dark place until now and normally,  if I can’t think of something positive to say, then I’ll say nothing at all.

The reason I’m posting this ? its simple. The next time I’m getting of a train, and have to wait while someone old is in front of me and struggling. I wont be so quick to judge.

On this occasion, I’m not searching for anything, just an end to the pain…


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