Update 1

Glenn in  Morocco

Well, its been all go with the Sunter foundation.

As you may know, the Sunter foundation’s main goal is the promotion of pub tolerance.

When I was in Morocco a few years ago, I could hardly find a bar anywhere. In the whole of Marrakech, I only found 1 bar which sold 3rd of a pint cans for £2.50 each !.

In anticipation of the days when when things change to the way they are in the UK (warm beer in a cracked pot, with a wasp in it !) Glenn has been boots on the ground in that country, spreading the word.

I haven’t had a progress report yet, but I’m sure Glenn has made small work of crossing the cultural divide, and along the way, may even have had time for an adventure or 2.

Kuhl Revolver trousers.

Years ago, I always wanted a Berghaus waterproof jacket.

It was ages before I could eventually afford one, as even in those days, they came in at around £280 !.

In the end I got one, but what do you know. Almost overnight, city centre scally’s got an attraction for them too, and wherever I went there were gangs of hooligans dressed just like me.

Reason I mention this, is at Christmas, Glenn left a catalogue at my house. It was called Ice and Snow (or something like that).

They had some really good outdoor/casual trousers. Had a bit of a daft name, as they were called Kuhl revolver, but I liked them and bought a pair.

I didn’t buy them from the catalogue, as they were almost £100. Instead I found them on the internet at Taunton Leisure. I’ve since bought a 2nd pair, and it takes a lot to say this, but they are more comfortable than any of my Rohan trousers !.

Anyway, problem is I’ve started to see loads of people wearing them now.

So, before the world steals my dream, I want to stake my claim, that I was wearing them first.

Rememberence Garden Chester

My friend Nick Barker came down to visit a fortnight ago.

He’s been down to Chester a couple of times, and its always a pleasure to see him.

This time, to my delight, 2 things went to plan.

Firstly, when I took him to see the Albion (for those that dont know, its a pub with a “war years” interior. It literally looks like a pub would have looked during the blitz ) it was open. The few times we’ve been before, it hasn’t and he’s just had to take my word for it. I was starting to think that he thought it was just in my imagination, but finally it was open on a Friday afternoon and we had a couple of pints in there.

Secondly, the Remembrance Garden. I go there quite often on a Sunday morning, to read and reflect. The garden itself, has a flower bed laid out in the form of the Cheshire regimental medal. Whenever I pass with friends, it always seems to be winter, and all you can see is soil. This time it was in flower and we were able to see it in all its glory.

New Building

Office move continue”s on a pace.

Cisco Phones

Main network is setup and working, and we are presently setting up the new phone system. We’re installing new printers later this week as well.

Still loads to do, and exhausting work, but some of the most rewarding I’ve ever done.

Bishops castle campsite

But its not all work work work.

I actually have the coming weekend off. I’m having a Barbecue at my house on Friday evening and I’m spending Saturday and Sunday at Bishops Castle campsite with a few friends from the walking group.

My new panniers

I finaly got the new panniers to go wiht the excelent pannier rack that Glenn got me for my birthday.

The panniers are custom made to fit the rack, and clip on. *

New panniers with extra luggage space expanded

But the fun doesn’t end there.

The panniers are the ideal size for knocking about town, but if your on a longer trip (like the one I do to Llangollen each year) they are expandable.

Brilliant bit of kit, I cant wait to start using it. *

* Couple of years ago, I felt like my kitchen needed brightening up, and I didn’t have much money. I ended up with this awful yellow. I’d like to apologise for the garish colour you can see in the background.

1 original fish and 4 new one's

The last couple of months have been difficult with my fish.

I came home one evening and found that 1 of my fish had died.

I felt really bad about it. Was it something I had done ? Was there anything I could have done to prevent it ?.

I didn’t know, so I put down the fish and chips I was eating, to give him a decent Christian burial in my Japanese Garden.

Another died a few weeks after that, which left me with just 1, who looked really lonely (he shouldn’t have been, he still had me).

Since then I’ve got 4 new ones and the 5 of them seem to be getting on fine.

Finally, I’ve been updating some older parts of the website. If you have a moment, take a look at Frequently asked questions and 10 things I hate.

The search for adventure continues…

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