Reliving childhood at Rookin House Farm


A few friends and I decided to spend a weekend at Rookin House Farm, doing activities like quad biking and shotgun shooting.

Here we assemble in reception, ready for action.


Frank and I arrived earlier than everyone else, so we were able to go Pony Trekking.

I have sat on one many times, while someone led it, but this time, I wanted to “take the reigns” myself.

The horse I was riding, was called Minstrel.

I found a web site with some horse riding instructions here.


With a few hours left, before everyone arrives, Frank and I decide to try out hand at fishing. We borrowed the relevant equipment, and got started.

To be honest, there were hundreds of fish, and you could practically put your hand in and pull them out.

In any event, we were delighted, when we actually caught one.

fish2 With my Bushcraft experience, I was able to “prep” the fish, and here, I eat it for breakfast.

On Friday evening, we had a big party ( a £10 night out, who could argue).

Saturday morning, I cooked everyone a big breakfast. It was going to be a hard day for a group made up of mostly office workers.

A short walk to our first activity, Archery.

My friend Jon Knight, pictured in the Archery Barn


The weather wasn’t great, so we were able to do Archery indoors, which increased the accuracy of our shots (no side wind).

I had a go at Archery some years ago, and realized that although right handed, I “bow” left handed.

I surprised myself, by coming 2nd at the Archery.


Next we had a ride in an Argo Cat.

Its an all terrain vehicle, which is also amphibious.

It was really exciting riding in it, but if you had too many the night before, it could separate you from your breakfast.


When I have been to Rookin House farm before, I have always been fascinated by the zip wire.

This time I decided to have a go for myself.


Of all my hobbies, I think quad biking is probably the most exciting.

Its the freedom to travel across the country side, at high speed that exhilarates me the most

We went driving all around fields and forests and ravines for 45 minutes, it was excellent.

My brother David, distributes the ammo. ammo

On Saturday evening, after the days activities, its time for a night on the town.

Keswick is my favourite Town in the Lakes and only 20 minutes drive from Rookin House Farm.

We visited several local pubs but spent most of our time in the Keswick Lodge ,my favourite pub in the area.

A few of my friends have Children, and don’t get to “do their own thing” very often. The evening really brought out the best in them. While out, I saw Steve Smith from Woodsmoke.

After this we went to the curry house next door to the Keswick lodge and had a fantastic meal.

After closing, a few of us went to the “loft”. A crime against God, which purports to be a nightclub. Looking at the website, you would think its quite nice. Its not.

Me and my friend Lee, preparing for combat. mepb

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