Weekend in Anglesey.

mecastle A lot of people have returned to holidaying in the UK due to the stresses of airports and flying.

My brother and his wife Leigh decided to rent a cottage in Anglesey for a week, and asked me if I would like to pop down for the weekend.

Sounded like a brilliant idea do me, so off I went.

Trearddur bay was our destination.

We came here about 10 years ago with my mum for a family holiday.

We were delighted to find that a new Motorway had been built and it was a lot quicker to get across the Island.

pd We had originally stayed at a Hotel called Plas Darien, which offered all sorts of activities like tennis and golf and things like that.

The place was a little run down to be honest, but as my brother pointed out, it was a superb base for a few days away.

The area around Trearddur Bay, was just my kind of place.

There were no nightclubs or any of that rubbish, just loads of peaceful sandy beaches friendly shops and cafes and other stuff like that.

This famous house overlooking the sea, was featured in the film Wuthering Heights.

prisonent I’d like to tell you that I did loads of great things on my first evening, but in reality, the pace of life catches up with you, once you stop racing, and I actually fell asleep before 8pm.

A storm had hammered the bay during the night. I just slept through it.

12 hours of obviously needed sleep later, I awake to enjoy bacon “butty’s” with my brother and Leigh.

We head out towards Beaumaris, to see the famous Gaol there, now a museum.

There were some amazing things to see.

This bathroom doesn’t exactly look like its from the Burj al Arab, but in Victorian times, prison reformers had revolutionised prisons.

Before that, they had just been dungeons, with straw beds and you had to buy food from your Gaol’er

chapel Religion was considered important in order to help a person to rebuild his or her character.

David joked, that since I spend most of my time preaching that I should pose at the front of the Church.

For the record, I try to inspire people to seek adventure. I never tell people what they should do.

We head to the upstairs and the “modern” wing of the prison.

I just loved this staircase, it was about as Victorian as you could get.

stairs2 At the top of the stairs, we wander around the corridors.
This was a standard cell, for an inmate.

I was surprised to see, that instead of hard beds, they featured hammock style canvas beds.

The doors were solidly built, I couldn’t see anyone breaking out of there.

dcell For the 2nd time that morning, I indulge my brother, and agree to be photographed next to the Drunkard Cell.
Some of the cells had this device in them.

It was filled with Sand and Grit, and it required a great deal of effort to turn it.

There was a counter on the box, and an inmate had to do 3000 rotations, in order to get breakfast. No work – No food.

The thing I found astounding, was that the box served no practical purpose, and the hard labour put into it, achieved nothing in reality.

whip A whipping frame, where people had their shirts removed and were fastened to it, before receiving punishment.

Disturbingly, devices like these are being used in places like Thailand and Singapore right at this moment.

I was saddened to see that the Museum of childhood memories had closed down.

Overall, Beaumaris seemed to have degraded a bit, since I was there last.

Several new hotels were under construction and I was sure that the next time I visit, everything will be back to normal.

peer We wandered along the peer and had a look at the boats.
There was a sailing race taking place, and they actually had 2 small canon to start and stop the race. puffinisland
castle4 For the 2nd time, I got to see Beaumaris Castle.

I saw a program with Fred Dibnah. In it, he said if completed, it would have the been most perfect castle ever built.

Work on Beaumaris castle, begun in 1295, it was the last and largest castle built by Edward the 1st.

This is undoubtedly the ultimate “concentric” castle, built with an almost geometric symmetry.

Conceived as an integral whole, a high inner ring of defences is surrounded by a lower outer circuit of walls, combining an almost unprecedented level of strength and firepower.

Ironically, should an attacker compromise the outer wall (no mean feat in itself) they would then be caught in a crossfire of arrows from both the outer and inner walls, with no available cover.

castle2 This side of the castle was completed.
This side wasn’t. castle1
insidecastle We wander around and explore inside the battlements.
The archers would have been emplaced in positions like this, and you can see just how good a position they would have been in, to “pick off” the opposing forces. castlewindow
cove1 The third bay along from Plas Darien where some people were canoeing.

It was here that I joined the Circular path.

The Circular path follows the contour of the coast.

I followed it for about 6 miles, it was just amazing to be back walking again.

cove2 The path passed several other coves, this was one of my favourites and even featured a natural tunnel.
The yellow Sea King helicopter on Manoeuvres around the bay.

Its always re-assuring, even in perfect weather to see this sight.

hill As I pottered along, I was really enjoying the weather, the feeling of the ground underneath my feet and the general well being of the moment.

I decided to go walking as often as I can now (I need to get fit, and the one activity I love doing is walking).

I haven’t done much walking since Frank left for Thailand, but I’m going to start “solo” walking.

Another one of the beautiful coves, you can see the colour of the ocean and the rocks that rice out of the ocean. cove3
path4 I leave the Circular path as it rejoins the road, wander along the road for a little while and then join the Anglesey Coastal path, which I know goes to the South Stack lighthouse.

I wandered along for about 2 miles, before arriving at this path, which ran for a mile to Twr Elin only a foot or 2 from a 300 foot drop into the ocean.

The South Stack lighthouse.

Designed by Daniel Alexander and completed in 1908.

From here, there is a walk to the “stairway” then 400 steps down to the lighthouse.

cricket As I wander back along the road (taking the direct route home, it was a baking hot day).

I stop by the original cove where I joined the circular path.

Canoeists and Scuba divers return from their activities and I visit the ice cream van for a well earned Cola Lolly

I was delighted to see a few lads playing the Great British game of cricket, using a ball they had found in the sea, a piece of driftwood as a bat, and a coolbox as wickets.

Mad dogs and Englishmen (and Welshmen)…

I wandered passed the hotel, and made my way to the excellent Waterfront bar and restaurant to meet up with David and Lee.

It really was excellent to watch the sunset with a drink and something to eat.

I was really starting to relax now.

pool Later on, we wander back to the Hotel.

We had a couple of games of pool, but the table wasn’t very good, and the bar wasn’t just closed, it had been decommissioned.

We headed down the hotel approach and visit the Trearddur holiday bungalows. They had a nice bar there, and a singer in the main bar who was pretty good, but we headed for the games room.

A pretty good evening overall.

After another excellent nights sleep, its time to head home.

On the way in, my brother had picked me up at Chester, but going home, I was getting the train from Holyhead.

I had beans on toast with Tea for breakfast, at an umbrella table.

We decided to wander around, and see what the town had to offer.

The Marina was rather spectacular.

holyhead I had packed at fairly short notice, so after wearing my jumper the previous day, the only thing I had to wear was a brand new johnsunter.com T shirt that I had received in the post the day before.

Relaxing in the Sun, listening to the waves lap against the shore.

My brother and Lee then left to visit the Lighthouse I had seen the day before.

I had an hour and a half to myself, to wander around the town.

The port and railway station (not surprisingly) are right next to each other.

I loved the way the whole thing was effectively on stilts in the bay.

You can see the colour of the water in this picture.

I almost wished I could go for a swim in it.

lastlook On the train going home, my last sight of Anglesey as it crosses the Britannia bridge onto the Welsh mainland.

In only a day and a half I had done loads of interesting and exciting things, spent time with my brother that I don’t always get to do and generally relax.

At the prices of accommodation there, Il be going back soon.

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