The Statue of Alan Turing in Manchester Gay Village.

Firstly, profound apologies for not updating the website for a while, I have just had loads of things going on. I’m still seeking employment, and I have a 3rd interview on Tuesday for a fantastic job. It isn’t exaggerating to say, that if I get that job, it will quite literally change my life (so no pressure!).

Ive been switching on my old mobile (the one I use for travelling) and Ive noticed that a few of you, have been sending texts to my old number. As most of you know, I know use an IPhone, and my number has changed.

If the number you are using does not end 320, drop me a line, and Ill give you the new one.

In terms of the website, I know that some of the sections under About, need completing and I haven’t setup old johnsunter with the original site yet. Myself, and that son of toil Henrik, are working desperately to fix this as you read.

Congratulations to Mark. Wasn’t able to join him on his stag do, due to a minor venue conflict, but everyone here at johnsunter.com wish to congratulate him on his impending/already completed wedding. Life as a married man, will require a level of financial stability, so may we provide a shameless piece of biased advertising.

If you need the services of a photographer, have a look here I can highly recommend him.

Sometimes its the simple things in life that bring you pleasure. In Tesco, I used to shop for my packed lunches, and noticed some Tesco own brand chocolate wafers (a sort of rip off Kitkat). The thing that was interesting, is that they were available in a mint chocolate flavour, which the “real” Kitkats arent.

They were dirt cheap, tasted delicious, and you can imagine my disappointment, when they stopped selling them several months ago.

“Insiders” at Tesco (my friends who work there, and cant be named due to draconian hr rules and blogging) tipped me the nod the other day, that they are back on the shelves. Although Im trying to lose weight, I ate an entire packet, in one sitting.

The Dell PC I use at home, the same model, featured in Dollhouse.

On the technology front, Ive been keeping myself busy at home.

Finaly built my VM Ware server. Some of the stuff you can do on it is amazing, and its all the more spectacular for the fact that it runs on my home computer.

Learning a product called Appsense. Its amazing, it enables virtual desktop and hybrid networks to run worldwide roving profiles, in near realtime.

Finaly, a hilarious story about my Auntie Marjorie.

Most people know of the tragic events of Manchester United and the Munich air disaster. There are streets named after the fallen players all over the city.

On the approach to the City of Manchester stadium (the stadium built to house the commonwealth games, which later became the home of Manchester City) there is a road called Alan Turing way (the road was there, 6 years before the stadium was built).

My Auntie believed that it was named after one of the United players (a strange choice at any rate, United players, on the approach to City’s ground !).

In reality, Alan Turing had nothing to do with football, he was the famous wartime code breaker, and johsunter.com  is dedicated to his memory.

Well, I’ll get going now, but near and far have fun and never stop searching for adventure…

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