Forget Jenny from the Block, this is Billy from the Frog.

By popular demand (mostly from herself !) we have decided to host a sort of virtual “debutantes ball”, here at and present our friend Billy.

Billy, is originally from Istanbul in Turkey, and her actual name is Bilge (pronounced Bilgay, not Bilge, like in the pump).

Her excellent husband Phil, is the head Chef at one of Chester’s famous Italian restaurants.

Generous and charming most of the time, she occasionally uses expletives to get her point across (something she does very well, she could arguably teach my stepfather to swear !).

Like many people who learned English outside of this country, she speaks it superbly, and was heard recently to use the frase “out of sorts”  (for readers of, not originally from the UK, it should be pointed out, that only people wearing bowler hats, talk in this way).

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