Night Vision scope. Used by Special Forces all over the world, and sold at Aldi.

The good news, is that both phones are working fine now, number ending 320 is the one I normally use.

Ive changed my mind. The blog isn’t being discontinued after Capetown (thanks to all of you, who emailed in, and said I should keep it going.)

Old johnnsunter.com is actually working. Its a snapshot of how the original website looked. I know that some people like to look at the pictures of my wedding and stuff like that. By splitting the website, it solves the dilemma. You can look at it, by visiting www.oldjohnsunter.com

finally, in terms of posting comments to blog entries, I have modified the criterion.

If you want to post a reply, you will need to type some characters (so that automated programs, called “bots” can’t post all sorts of rubbish onto the site).

The good news, is that its no longer moderated. I don’t have to authorize your posts, whatever you say, goes straight up there, for other people to read.

Will probably be selling some of my un-needed stuff soon (bushcraft axe, compass, things like that, that I dont use that much).

Ill post a full list later, but if any of you, have a liking to a bit of kit, that Ive got, and want to make me an offer, ill be happy to hear it (Capetown is around the corner, and cash it tight).

Two website Ive been visiting recently (both completely different, but interesting an usefull).

Daily Mash a satirical look at the news (recommended to me by a lad a used to work with called Jason). I cant look at that site, without laughing.

say no to 0870. Recommended by Amelia mum. The basic idea, is that if you need to call say British Gas, they will give you a premium rate number. By looking it up on this site, you can find out the local number, get through to exactly the same people, but save a bit of money as well.

Both of them can be reached by googling.

Two random thoughts occurred to me recently:

1. Why would most ordinary people need a night vision scope ?.

2. If they did, why the hell would they go to Aldi to buy it, and what the hell are Aldi doing selling them anyway !.

Finaly, ever wondered what that sort of Stick and Handerkerchief Rucsack is called, that Dick Whitington used ?. Its actualy called a Bindle (thanks Sean, the local Crossword genuis for that.

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