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4th dcd and the 3 peaks.

The 3 peaks in Yorkshire is one of the hardest “pleasure” walks in the UK.

Unlike the UK 3 peaks, there are no stops in between to drink tea in cars. Its one long run, with 3 progressively higher mountains, a long walk between the 1st and 2nd mountains and a backbreaking slog to the village, once the final peak has been bagged.

I walked it in my 30’s with Frank and Dave Mandy and it half killed me. Tony was really keen to do it, so off we went.

Tone standing outside Horton on Ribblesdale.

We rented a car from Avis for 3 days, at a cost of only £42 (but beware, when you bring the car back, unless its completely full, you’ll be charged for a full tank). Tony came down on Thursday night, to sample the social scene in Chester, and so that we could set of early on Friday.

I haven’t been camping in a while, and I was surprised how quickly you lose the packing skill. It took me ages to decide what things to take, when previously, it would have taken only a few minutes. More proof, were it needed that I need to get back to previous adventure habits.

For various reasons, lots of messing about in the morning, meant we didn’t set off, until after lunch. This was for the best really, as the weather was utterly atrocious.

We got up to Horton, put up our tent and had a walk around. It was at this point, I realised they had a bunk house, which we should have used rather than the tent, but what the hey.

The farmer kindly gave us Sausages and burgers (I didn’t eat them on the trip, but they fed me for 3 days when  I got back !).

We had a couple of coffee’s in the Crown in (Horton is served by 2 pubs, the other is the Golden Lion). Tony had invited some friends from Social Circles (an outfit based in Manchester that organize regular social events, walking trips and holidays etc) who were going to join us.

They arrived a little late, as they had experienced problems getting a spare tent, car breaking down and having to rent another one etc. All in all, I was impressed with their tenacity.

As I’ve written before, the real challenge for me is not getting out of the tent and walking the mountain, but the night before. You finish work, are presented with the options of leaving your comfort zone, getting on buses, carrying bags about etc,  versus going home and relaxing in your house, meeting up with your friends.

Its all too easy to choose the 2nd one, but despite the prospect of driving rain and the night in a tent, they had got there all the same.

After getting something to eat in the pub, we wander back to the tents and bed down for the night. It was quite late, and a male group, who had been drinking heavily in the bar, decided to extend the party until 2.30am, which wasn’t appreciated.

The joy of camping !.

Up in the morning, we use our stoves to make coffee and then fill up the flasks. Some people opted for porridge I had a continental breakfast as I was keen to get on the hill.

I was under no illusion about the walk. You need 2 things to get up a hill. Fitness and determinations. If I could only choose 1, it would be the 2nd. As Twid told me on my mountaineering course at PYB, sometimes you just put up with the pain and keep walking.

I’ve lost a lot of weight lately, but Tony and everyone else on the trip, were much fitter than me.

We set off, and you can see from the picture, the weather was fantastic.

Tony with some friends from Social Circles.

I had brought my map, compass and gps, but Kosia who leads a lot of the Social circles trips, was all over it, and I was very impressed with her leadership and navigation.

After Penny-Ghent, its a very long walk to the next mountain, which was really boggy from the previous days rain.

The rugged and misty trail.

I took the picture above, to try and capture the feeling on the trail. We had a couple of stops for drinks and lunch. It was really nice meeting new people. Kosia it turned out, was from Krakow, one of my favourite places in Poland. An Italian friend of her’s was from the Italian alps near Lake Garda and Cortina.

A couple that joined is in the morning were scientists, and we had a long talk about whether discovering aliens (or them discovering us) would bind humanity together or finish it.

She also explained why the replicators in Star Trek couldn’t really work (Old newspapers are carbon based. Loaves of bread are protein based. With what we presently know, one can’t turn into the other !)

Whernside is different than the other 2 mountains, as it has a sort of elephant back, that stretches for miles. It was a real slog getting up there.

Once down the other side, we made our final march to Inglebourough. We stopped off in a pub to get a drink and use the toilet. They told us we weren’t appropriately dressed. I pride myself on the versatility of my Rohan clothes, but how many walkers wear a shirt and tie !.

The final mountain Ingleborough is really steep, and has steps cut into the mountain, to avoid accidents. The top of the mountain is a large flat area, I saw the group, and realising success was in sight, took off, with renewed vigour. I get a picture of me and Tone, at the the trig point.

Standing on the 3rd peak.

Its now time to head home. Its a really long walk, not well sign posted, and darkness was closing in.

I set of as fast as I could,  I was conscious I had arranged to meet my Aunt and Uncle that evening for dinner at their house.

As I headed down the hill, my Uncle asked how long I would be, and gave directions on the quickest way back.

Navigating back is pretty easy at first, as you can see lights from the village. The path descends into a sort of basin and once your lower then the village, you cant see anything (there is also a sign that says 1.5 miles to Horton, which must have been put up as a joke).

We get back to the village, and too my suprise, my Uncle is waiting for me at the Railway station. We say goodbye to the Social  Circles crew and drive back to Uncle John’s house (he owns a cottage in Horton). Take of our boots in the garage, and within minutes, I’m sat on a comfortable arm chair, in a warm living room, with a glass of cold beer. Heaven.

More is to come, when we sit down to a warm filling meal, that they’ve cooked for us.

I only see my Uncle John every few years, so we sit up until after midnight talking. A warm shower and then a well needed nights sleep in a comfortable bed.

In the morning, a full English breakfast, then say goodbye, and head to the campsite to take down our tent, and drive home.

I drop Tone off at his house, and then drive back to Chester.

That’s when it hits me. Before Frank moved to Thailand, I could think of any kind of adventure, and know I would have someone to come with me, with all sorts of organisational skills, a sense of humour and a general love of getting out there.

I have been looking for someone like that since then, but it isn’t Tony.

No, in reality its the other way around. Tony had a dream, and the drive and determination to  do the 3 peaks and I helped to make it happen. I haven’t found a replacement Frank, I have become Frank and Tony is the old me !.

Thanks to everyone who came, especially Kasia who was an inspiration. Also my Aunt Vernica and Uncle John for their much appreciated hospitality.

Oh, nearly forgot Tony, sorry.

Feeling like a teenager.

Never put your trust in an E111 form.

I had planned this weeks johnsunter.com out in advance, but an article I read this morning on BBC News, must take priority.

The Dudriges from London, went on Honeymoon to Corfu. They had decided not to have a Honeymoon after their wedding, as they couldn’t afford it, but family and friends chipped in to pay for it.

After a Romantic meal, Carrie went onto a balcony for some fresh air and ended up falling 30 feet and damaging here spine in 3 places.

It was at this point, they fell back on the reciprocal E111 card, which provides medical assistance in other European countries.

Once his wife was stabilised, Michael had to try and raise £16,000 to transport his wife home. Luckily,  local residents, credit cards, loans from family have raised the money and they are flying home today.

The sad fact, is that insurance that would have solved the problem, would have cost less than £10 (and probably £5 each) on something like moneysupermarket.com

You’ve probably read stories like this one before. If you do nothing else today, commit to buying insurance for every trip that you take.

The Expendables.

The Expendables - utter rubbish, but made me feel like a teenager.

On Friday evening, I went to see the Expendables. It contains all the 80’s action hero’s in a kind of re-visitation of the genre. Well that’s what film critics have been saying, what do I think ?

In a story, that would have better fitted the A Team, I have tried to break it down.

The action:
Ultra violent, without a care. Explosions everywhere, knife fighting (with knives, that although moving slowly, make the kind of wisping sound that electrical cable makes, when it cuts the air !). Scenes of 30+ people meet ng their maker in one “sitting” and moments later, nothing is said of it. Rapid fire, explosive shell firing shotguns. The laissez-faire removal of body parts and infeasible knife throwing.

The plot (!):
Helpless women (who are tough, but helpless all the same), Buddy relationships, Sad moments of reflection, some awful attempt at explaining the meaning of life. Simple peasants who never do anything wrong of any kind. Despot dictators. The whole soldier of fortune with a conscience cobblers. Good people, trying to find their own way in the world, but “The Man” is keeping them down. The drinking of bottles of strong spirits, and minutes later, demonstrations of hand/eye co-ordination that would make an eye surgeon envious.

References to other films:
They are everywhere, in this film. The name Expendables, harks back to a conversation in Rambo First blood part II. People being thrown into burning rivers, is right out of Beast-master. The plain is a tip of the hat to Commando.

Other notable things:
Mickey Rourke plays a character called Tool. A hilarious Cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis (Arnie even seemed to be wearing 80’s clothing).

Overall, what did I think. Utter rubbish from beginning to end. But for 90 minutes, I felt like a teenager again. They just don’t make films like this any more and I hope they make a sequel.

On the subject of film/video, my old mate Jason, who runs Woodland Ways, bushcraft and survival school, has started a video diary, so you can remove the glamour and see what its like to run a bushcraft school.

The Chester film society re-opens its doors for the 40’th year. I went to see a film with them last year, and I’m intending to watch a few more this time.

A new African restaurant – The Coconut Hut.

The Coconut Hut, a new Restaraunt in Chester.

I’ve been trying out some budget places to eat again recently. A really nice (and rather unique) African restaurant has now opened on Brook street. Wasn’t keen on the name Coconut Hut, but the food was really good (I had Gemsbok stew, which was really nice). They also do a really good platter, with prawns and beef and stuff like that for a tenner a plate.

If makes a change from the standard fare you get in other restaurants. One word of caution, most people don’t associate African food with being hot. The stuff in here really is, I haven’t eaten anything hotter since I was in Thailand.

A simplified life with technology.

Tesco Automated check-out.

I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life (I have several books on this subject). I recently started using the Tesco automated Check-Out. It’s easily 3 times faster than conventional “tilling”.

The trick I have found, is to make sure you have all your cards/money etc to hand before you start. Its an amazing piece of technology and I’ve become addicted.

Weekends, Socks and Adventure.

Pairing up my sockes on Saturday Morning.

As I’ve mentioned before, I always try to plan each weekend in advance, so that I get everything possible out of it.

Friday night, the weather was fab. I don’t go out much now, and tend to stop in with a bottle of wine, but ventured out all the same.

The commercial (recently opened) is excellent as I’ve said before. Thing that’s good, is it backs onto a forecourt, which it shares with the Victoria and the Amber Lounge. Away from the main runs of session drinkers, its an oasis.

Saturday mornings are the time when I write emails, do web research (see bellow) and catch up on the TV that I’ve recorded.

Lets just say that some of the TV programs I watch  are action orientated and don’t really require the use of your brain. I therefore schedule some mundane tasks for this time. Above are the socks I was pairing up while watching 2 episodes of Human Target.

Got me thinking. I moved to Chester in September 2001, so in a couple of months, I’ll have lived here 10 years. As I was reviewing my emails, I got an update from the excellent Woodsmoke (they run Adventure Bushcraft courses, you can see some of the stuff I’ve done with them here.)

In the update, Ben Mcnutt (who runs Woodsmoke, along with Lisa Fenton) wrote about various stuff, and that they had written-up their ethos on the revised website (you can read it here.). Its pretty moving stuff and definitely worth a read.

That’s when it hit me. When I came here (worked in Helsby for about 18 months before I actually lived here) I decided to climb Helsby Hill. All these years later, I still hadn’t done it (although I’ve visited 56 countries !).

With that, I grabbed my trusty “old trainers”, jumped on the train, and made it happen.

Me standing on Helsby Hill, after nearly 10 years.

Well here I am, standing on the top.

I have an OS map of the area (It was invaluable, when I was unemployed, to organise walks on the cheap), and using skills I learned on the NNAS Bronze and Silver course, I was able to back track along the Sandstone Trail, and meet the train home, at Frodsham 2 hours later.

Job well done.

Web Res:

On my IPhone, I have a really cool to do list. One thing I frequently do, is put information into it, prefixed with wr. This stands for Web Res or Web Research.

The basic idea, is that I make time, to go and look at things on the web, rather then when they are thrown at me by email or such. I set time aside, to carefully read about things that I’ve decided are important, at a time when my brain can take them in.

For example. If your firm allows it, there is nothing wrong in booking an easyjet flight over lunchtime. If I was selecting an adventure holiday and there were 8 to choose from, you might try something similar over a couple of lunch hours. DON’T.

Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, Tuesday evening after jogging. Only you know, when your imagination and creativity are at their most heightened, and that’s the time to do your wr (it also works for paper catalogues, and tv programmes about interesting places and subjects, but one thing at a time).

All Change

Dan and I after walking Machu Picchu

Danny who I’ve known for 8 years, is leaving Chester. We’ll still keep in touch, but he’ll be 50 miles away, and nipping out for a spontaneous pint, wont be an option. Its basically the end of the “reprobate” period of my life.

Dan is quite a reserved and private person for the most part, and some people can mistakenly take this for arrogance, which it isn’t.

In the time that we have known each other, life has had its ups and downs (especially over the last 2 years) during all of this, Dan has always been around. Whilst not particularly providing tea and sympathy, his straight talk has always been helpful.

he also gave me his old computer, with 8 gig of ram, and 4 processors, its the best one Ive ever owned, given at a time, when I couldn’t possibly have afforded one myself.

We are having a bit of a lads night on Wednesday at 7pm in the  Commercial hotel, if any of you are free, give me a shout.

On subject of old friends, Ben Orford (who made my woodlander knife) has setup a new website. www.benorford.com

Nathans new Cafe on Garden Lane.

Dan leaving Chester, isn’t the only recent change. My lodgers of the past 2 years, Jude and Nath (many of you will remember Nath, as the long suffering barman, from my local the Frog and Nightingale) have decided to move out, and get their own place.

In addition, Nathan has setup a really smart cafe on Garden lane. Ive been there 3 times, its excellent.

The next few months are going to feel really strange…

Adventure Chatter.

A picture of the Col De Voza in the Alps.

A new Sports Bar has opened in Chester called Club Globe.  I visited it the other evening.

From its previous incarnation as a private members club, it had some pictures and framed posters on the wall.

What a co-incidence, I saw this one, about the Col De Voza in St Gervais, in the French Alps. In the Winter its a popular Ski destination, but in the summer its popular with walkers and mountaineers.

It was the first hill I ever climbed in the Alps. How co-incidental is that ?

Me Navigating in the Snow.

I was reading recently that Trip Advisor’s 10 best destinations for 2010, actually includes the Scottish destination of Nairn (they normally have loads of places like the Galapagos Islands on their list).

I cant argue with that here, in the UK, the pound is pretty awful against most currency’s in the world and definatly the the Euro. I’ve often enjoyed weekends in the lakes (I can jump in a car straight after work, check into my room, and be enjoying a pint and pie and mash by 10pm) and although Scotland is a bit further, it certainly has travel simplicity on its side.

The other thing about it, is although cottages seem expensive at first (like the one I stayed at recently in Anglesey) once you get there, you can cook your own food and buy cheap drinks from Supermarkets, which drops the cost down massively.

Trying to make the most of the Weather (a bit ironic, since most people are staying indoors) I have been pottering around Delamere Forest, practising my navigation.  The train costs £3.30, Sandwiches cost practically nothing, and I take my own flask for hot drinks.

Another travel tip Ive picked up, is that Tesco Clubcard points, can now be used to purchase Air-miles


I haven’t done any Bushcraft training or activities, since April last year.

One thing I have really enjoyed recently, is a series called Victorian Farm. Its absolutely amazing the way they run the farm, whith a mixture of simple living and “high tech” Victorian contraptions.

Apparently Ruth Goodman runs classes in traditional living. When life returns to normal, I hope to get involved (I also want to get back to Woodsmoke, feels like ages since I was last there).

Freezing Weather.

A sunny day. We won't see those for a while.

Well, we won’t see many days or have the opportunity to do things like, this for a while. In short, the weather here in Chester (and indeed the rest of the UK, is pretty terrible).

Lunatic walking across the frozen Canal.

Walking back from a shopping trip the other day, I spotted this “yoof” walking across the ice, being egged on by his friends (from the safety of the bank).

He made it all the way across, and back again, before lampooning at the waters edge, and sinking to his chest in freezing water, before his friends pulled him out.

A Snowman in someone's garden.

On a more traditional front, some of Amelia’s neighbours made this rather excellent snowman, complete with hat, buttons, the whole lot.

Its a sad indictment of society, that they had to put up a sign saying private property, to stop hooligans from destroying it.

Me, well, I’m wearing 2 jumpers as I type this !.


Night Vision scope. Used by Special Forces all over the world, and sold at Aldi.

The good news, is that both phones are working fine now, number ending 320 is the one I normally use.

Ive changed my mind. The blog isn’t being discontinued after Capetown (thanks to all of you, who emailed in, and said I should keep it going.)

Old johnnsunter.com is actually working. Its a snapshot of how the original website looked. I know that some people like to look at the pictures of my wedding and stuff like that. By splitting the website, it solves the dilemma. You can look at it, by visiting www.oldjohnsunter.com

finally, in terms of posting comments to blog entries, I have modified the criterion.

If you want to post a reply, you will need to type some characters (so that automated programs, called “bots” can’t post all sorts of rubbish onto the site).

The good news, is that its no longer moderated. I don’t have to authorize your posts, whatever you say, goes straight up there, for other people to read.

Will probably be selling some of my un-needed stuff soon (bushcraft axe, compass, things like that, that I dont use that much).

Ill post a full list later, but if any of you, have a liking to a bit of kit, that Ive got, and want to make me an offer, ill be happy to hear it (Capetown is around the corner, and cash it tight).

Two website Ive been visiting recently (both completely different, but interesting an usefull).

Daily Mash a satirical look at the news (recommended to me by a lad a used to work with called Jason). I cant look at that site, without laughing.

say no to 0870. Recommended by Amelia mum. The basic idea, is that if you need to call say British Gas, they will give you a premium rate number. By looking it up on this site, you can find out the local number, get through to exactly the same people, but save a bit of money as well.

Both of them can be reached by googling.

Two random thoughts occurred to me recently:

1. Why would most ordinary people need a night vision scope ?.

2. If they did, why the hell would they go to Aldi to buy it, and what the hell are Aldi doing selling them anyway !.

Finaly, ever wondered what that sort of Stick and Handerkerchief Rucsack is called, that Dick Whitington used ?. Its actualy called a Bindle (thanks Sean, the local Crossword genuis for that.


The Forest.

Well, the main news at the moment, is that I’ve got a new job. Its probably the best job I have ever had, working for an international software house.

Most people I’ve spoken too agree, that the first month being unemployed, isn’t so bad. You get to tidy the loft, read all the books you promised you would and stuff like that.

After that, life gets pretty dull, and with time a bit depressing. Thats why Im so happy. Put simply by one of my friends, getting back to work means that life can return to normal.

Above is the picture of the forest in Westminster park which I sometimes visit. Its been a great place for me to just wander around, when things have been difficult. I went there the day after I got the job, and I really felt like life had begun again.

In the week since, I’ve tried to do as many low budget adventures as possible, I will be posting them up soon.

A load of people have helped me out recently, when life has been difficult. I wont embarrass you by naming you here, but you know who you are, and that you have my sincere thanks.

Izabel returns to Chester.

In other “news”, my friend Dan has been on holiday for a week. He comes home tomorow, so ill find out if he had a good time.

Izabel has returned to the Frog and nightingale (she lives in Poland with her boyfriend, and they come over for a few months each year).

Also, the Chef from the Frog and Nightingale, Keith celebrated his silver wedding anniversary on Sunday. I was invited, and it was really nice (and there was loads of really good food, and it was free).

Apologies for the low quality of the photos, but I lent my camera to a friend, and still haven’t got it back. I am presently using my IPhone, but I think its just one more example of how versatile these things are.

Ive been meeting up with 2 old friends from Corning, Matt & Glen (along with my usual friends). They went on holiday with Social Circle (the Manchester based “get out and do it” outfit). Now that things have improved, Im hoping to get a bit more involved in stuff like that.

Nominated numptee’s of the month:

Gary Mckinnon

Just a few points, from someone who knows a bit about technology.

1. forget the romanticized view of hackers, they generally fall into 1 of 3 categories.

a, they work for organised crime

b, they are “white” hat which means they “ethically” cause mayhem to “help” people by exposing problems with other peoples networks

c, nerdy mischievous people who mess about with other peoples stuff for fun.

2. The very people going on about his rights and all the rest are, from my experience exactly the kind of people who go berserk when someone’s children kick a ball through their window.

For me the similarity is a good one. I don’t care if Gary Mckinnon was looking for aliens (and wasn’t as I suspect, just trying to cause mayhem to increase his own kudos within the nerd community). He caused damage to someone else’s network and there should be consequences just like if he kicked the ball.

3. I’m not even going to comment on his “addiction to hacking” nor the repeated appearance of him on TV with his mother.

4. Still not convinced ?. Think about this then. The hospital near here, has a secure firewall which cost more than £100,000. They have it because of people like Mckinnon. How many people will be denied £6000 operations because of this ?.

Hackers are a menace.

Jamie Neale

I don’t want to rain on the parade of all this self indulgent nonsense, but common sense surely has to prevail.

Ive been to the Blue Mountains. Why didn’t he take warm clothes, a survival bag, some emergency food, some sort of map etc (you know, like every 7 year old cub scout knows to do !).

People who have been following the story, have talked about survival training. I’ve done quite a lot of these courses,  but in every case, the emphasis is on not putting yourself in that position in the first place through planning.

In adventure terms, aside from breaking the law or insulting someone’s culture or religion, wandering around ANYWHERE  without knowing where your going is about the surest way to get into trouble I can think off.

An armoured personal carrier near Chester Townhall.

I’ve been doing various adventure stuff around Chester, and on Saturday, I was pleased to see the army doing a recruitment event.

They even had a tank.

On the adventure front:

Id really like to get to Capetown and complete the bluelist this year.

Frank is busy organising a really cool train journey through the Jungle from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok (with loads to do in between) for next year.

India crew (who as Ive mentioned before, aren’t actually from India, that’s just where I met them) are organising a weekend in Berlin, which should be pretty smart.

Two places Id really like to see, are Lisbon and Budapest (a weekend in both places with travel included would be cheaper than a weekend in London). If your interesting in going to either of those, give me a shout.

On the subject of London, I want to go down there for a day, and just look around the museum. Im also told that there is a “beach” in Birmingham at the moment (artificially created in the middle of the town). Its open until September, if anyone Fancies an hours drive.

Around the campfire and stepping into the rope.

Native Americans around a campfire.

Bret and Jeff went camping. Sounds like they had a really good time, but they said when they were preparing for the trip, there was a nagging doubt that they had forgotten something.

To invite me.

Well, hopefully, they’ll remember next time, and I can get out and about in Wales once again (there has been a bit of an adventure lull since the fairly successful BT Adventures).

While I was talking to Bret, it reminded me of something I heard a couple of years ago.

I make no claims that this is factually accurate, it could be a modern myth I have no idea (I was flying to Thailand several years ago, and a female backpacker I was sat next to, told me about it).

The way its explained, is how conflicts and disputes are resolved in the Navajo, native American culture. Basically, if 2 braves have a dispute, the Chief will call the whole village together and arrange for a length of rope, to be tied together, to form a ring.

The 2 braves, each stand outside the ring, and then take it in turns to make a statement, and then step into the ring. If the other person agrees with the statement then he also steps into the ring (referred to as stepping into the rope).

The idea here, is if say the 2 men are both in love with the same woman, one of them for example would say “she loves me and not you” he will then step into the rope. The other person will disagree, and not stop into the rope, so the first person, must step out again.

On the other hand, if one of them says ” to be happy and in love with someone, is one of the finest things that can happen to a person” and steps in, the other will probably follow suit.

In principle, no discussion, can ever start until both people are inside the rope. Since this can only happen, if they agree (at list in principle) on one fundamental thing.

I’m not advocating that offices around the land should have ropes on the floor, but whenever I try to resolve an argument, or something like that, I always try to agree some common ground first. It saves so much time.


Taken from the film Defiance.

Not much happening this week on the media front. The next film I want to watch on the cinema, is Terminator 4 (whatever the hell its called). I don’t expect a great deal, but I’ve seen the other 3,  might as well see the 4th.

The only thing I am worried about, is seeing Christian Bale in the film, and keeping a straight face. Its hard to forget, that he was caught on video lambasting and f’ing and blinding at the Director of photography (he later threatened to walk out of the film, unless the man was fired).

Footage of this spread virally across the Internet. His response to this: It wasn’t actually him doing the shouting. He was in character, and it was actually John Connor who was screaming. I wonder if the real Christian Bale was able to get the man his job back, once he had taken control of his own persona.

He’s been in some great films, but I struggle to take him seriously after this.

Far better, are 2 brilliant releases on DVD. Taken, with Liam Neeson (and it has nothing to do with Aliens, or anything like that) and Defiance (a story I originaly heard about on a Ray Mears documentary some years ago).  A pizza, a bottle of wine and one of these films, is a brilliant Friday evening antidote to the credit crunch !.

I also saw the final part of 24. Its the first one that Ive actually watched to the end, and I really enjoyed it. There wasn’t as much action in the finale as I had expected, but it was very thought provoking.