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A picture of the Col De Voza in the Alps.

A new Sports Bar has opened in Chester called Club Globe.  I visited it the other evening.

From its previous incarnation as a private members club, it had some pictures and framed posters on the wall.

What a co-incidence, I saw this one, about the Col De Voza in St Gervais, in the French Alps. In the Winter its a popular Ski destination, but in the summer its popular with walkers and mountaineers.

It was the first hill I ever climbed in the Alps. How co-incidental is that ?

Me Navigating in the Snow.

I was reading recently that Trip Advisor’s 10 best destinations for 2010, actually includes the Scottish destination of Nairn (they normally have loads of places like the Galapagos Islands on their list).

I cant argue with that here, in the UK, the pound is pretty awful against most currency’s in the world and definatly the the Euro. I’ve often enjoyed weekends in the lakes (I can jump in a car straight after work, check into my room, and be enjoying a pint and pie and mash by 10pm) and although Scotland is a bit further, it certainly has travel simplicity on its side.

The other thing about it, is although cottages seem expensive at first (like the one I stayed at recently in Anglesey) once you get there, you can cook your own food and buy cheap drinks from Supermarkets, which drops the cost down massively.

Trying to make the most of the Weather (a bit ironic, since most people are staying indoors) I have been pottering around Delamere Forest, practising my navigation.  The train costs £3.30, Sandwiches cost practically nothing, and I take my own flask for hot drinks.

Another travel tip Ive picked up, is that Tesco Clubcard points, can now be used to purchase Air-miles


I haven’t done any Bushcraft training or activities, since April last year.

One thing I have really enjoyed recently, is a series called Victorian Farm. Its absolutely amazing the way they run the farm, whith a mixture of simple living and “high tech” Victorian contraptions.

Apparently Ruth Goodman runs classes in traditional living. When life returns to normal, I hope to get involved (I also want to get back to Woodsmoke, feels like ages since I was last there).

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  1. Hi John,

    If you enjoyed Victorian Farm you should check out its predescesor ‘Tales from the Green Valley’ which was a similar concept but set in Tudor Times. For some reason it was only shown on the BBC late at night so isn’t as well known but it is excellent.


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