Badly run pub, IPhone Tv’s and Fish Finger butty’s

Glenn (not Glyn !) watching football on an Iphone.

Couple of weeks ago, Dan and I went into a particular pub on the Canal-side, here in Chester.

The cooler was broken, so we were poured flat warm beer (we weren’t advised in advance that the cooler was broken, we just got them, and we were told we had to pay for them).

Suffice to say, that we didnt drink them and left with little intention of ever going back.

Last night, I was out with a few friends, and met up with an old mate, Glenn Miller (he’s heard every joke about Jazz Musician’s missing on planes already, so leave it out).

For some reason we ended up going into the same pub, to watch United (getting in as much goal hanging experience as they can, in anticipation of their next game against City).

Halfway through the game, the TV stopped working. Everyone in the pub was shocked, but the management didn’t seem to bother. Outrageous behaviour you might say, but too the rescue, came Glenn.

He actually has a Sky subscription on his phone, and by positioning it on the bar, around 8 of us, were able to continue watching the match.

In the picture above, you can see the TV, which had been turned off, as nobody seemed to know how to operate it.

The lads, back at my house for Fish finger butty's

Contrast this, with the Mill Hotel, which we visited later.

After a couple of pints, I invited the Lads back to my house, for that staple of the drinking man, Fish Finger butty’s. But whats this, I didn’t have any bread, and all the shops had closed.

I spoke to a member of staff at the bar, explained my plight, and they went to the kitchen and brought me a whole loaf of bread.

Back at my house, the evening was complete.

Jokes aside, at a time when we are enduring the worst recession in 80 years, and many businesses are fighting for survival, which one of the 2 pubs do you think we will be going back to next week ?.

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