Furniture Philosophy 1.

I was out with the walking group the other Sunday.  A chap I’ve not met before engaged me in conversation. It was clear that he was passionate about gardening. I wanted to engage with him in conversation, but I was in a bit of an odd position.

I love my home, and do everything I can to make it comfortable, but Im a practical sort of guy, and its purely functional.

My friend Tony quite literally built his house. My brother David has an amazing home, that wouldn’t be out of place in the ownership of a millionaire (he and his wife Leigh, take care over every detail, and it shows).

Me, I bought cheap paint from Wilkinson’s to brighten up the place, and paid an unemployed mate to paint it, as I thought I’d get it on the carpet !.

What to say ?.

I had an idea.  My house is 100 years old, it has an original pine staircase and doors and I’ve got 2 or 3 pieces of antique furniture to compliment it. I said that I loved old wooden furniture, and had a few really special pieces I was proud off, then switched the conversation back to gardening.

Later as I was walking on my own (walking groups join and separate like this throughout the day) I started to think more about my Pine Furniture. The Pine mirror above my mantlepiece, was a gift from Glenn for my birthday. Its 150 years old, and I look at at 4 or 5 times each day (I cant help it, I like looking at my own face 🙂

I was reminded of something which happened a few years ago, which made me smile.

My brother and I were in an outdoor shop, and my brother was looking to buy a multi tool, and I a penknife (which I later gave to the excellent Henrik, responsible for setting up this site).

The guy in the shop, was making a pigs ear of the sale, so just for fun, I asked if I could take over, and “sell” the item to my brother.

It was a pretty mellow sort of day, so he agreed. I said simply to my brother. What can you buy out of a months wages and give to someone, which their grandchildren will be able to use practically every day (that’s why, if you’ve received a gift from me, it may well be a Zippo lighter or penknife.

That’s when it hit me. I wasn’t just being pretend empathetic with my walking colleague. I really enjoy being in the room with my pine furniture. It isn’t the prestige that appeals to me (although its clearly there) but genuinely brings me pleasure to be around.

At some point, my collection of pine really has become special to me. For the investment, it will last the rest of my life, and I’ll feel like I’m sat in a room with friends (and for several other people’s, lifetimes after that)

If your interested have a look at Glenn’s website.

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