Sewells NY Booster course

 Just before Christmas, I heard about a 1 day New Year Booster course run by Sewells. How could I resist.

So there I was, walking along the Canal towards Christleton, where the event was held.

I had previously attended there Working Miracles course in 2004. How ironic it was, that I should be walking from a house whose purchase and ownership, took form on a goal setting session at this very place.

Took me back. Wandering along, I thought of the original course. Too many amazing things to list, but I left the venue years before with a plan:

What would really make me happy £1,000,000, a Porche ?

Not for me, I decided I would get a job as a travel writer, buy a house in Chester and use my new job to complete a list of places Ive always wanted to see and things I’ve always wanted to do (later to be named a bluelist).

But that didn’t work out, and this is where being flexible and comfortable changing plans comes in.

There are were 5 full time travel writers in the world, with an expense account and enough money to purchase property in Chester city centre

What about, I stick to something I love doing, like fixing computers *1 and building networks. It will challenge me and finance both the house and traveling ?.  As far as becoming a travel journalist, I could make better use of my website and write my own articles (lets face e it, as editor, everything I write will be published. To market it, I would have travel cards printed and give them to interested people I met while adventuring (presently 300 hits per week, from all over the world).

Back to present day.

These guys dont miss a trick. The event kicks of at 9 on the dot, but Bacon Butty’s are available from 8:30 and your are encouraged to get their early so they haven’t all gone.

The demographic of the course had changed since I last did it. Previously there had been web developers, secretaries and the like. This time, there were sales directors, company owners, heads of marketing etc (Director of purchasing at Pilkingtons and the MD and Marketing Director of Slimming world, were 2 that stuck in my mind)

An intensive day, that left me exhausted. We had a superb lunch and I bought a copy of Wills excelent book The Guide.

Obviously, Sewells make a living by selling a unique product, so I wont go into detail about anything that I learned, you’ll have to book on it to find out.

Suffice to say its invigorating to have a sense of purpose and change your perception of yourself.


*1 note:

I love fixing things. While in hospital, I bought things from the Sunday morning car boot sale in the hospital car park.

I fixed several items including a wireless keyboard and a web cam (my boss wouldn’t let me have my laptop, as I was supposed to be relaxing, but I had my work bag with all of my tools in it ( it was once joked, that if a flying saucer crashed in Chester, there would be enough kit in my bag, to repair it !)).

I repaired items away to relatives of my fellow patients.

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